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Working in a Restaurant Kitchen Is Not All about Cooking Says Ido Fishman

A lot of people in the world want to become chefs. They watch TV and become fascinated with the idea of being in the kitchen and shouting at others to do things. Ido Fishman believes that a lot of people have a very different and skewed idea of being a chef, or being in the kitchen at all. They think it is all about cooking and learning those skills as fast as possible, but that’s not true. According to Ido Fishman, people completely ignore the other important part of being in the kitchen or being a chef. It’s like saying that playing football is all about running fast, which is not true at all.

Even football is more about your mental strength than it is about your physical strength. So, let’s hear what Ido Fishman has to say about people working in restaurant kitchens and how it is different from what people believe it to be.

You Are Not a Chef from the Beginning

Ido Fishman says that a lot of people imagine themselves being chefs in the kitchen without realizing that they have to spend years and decades before they can be in that position. You have to do a lot of stuff that you won’t like before you can become a chef. You may think that a chef became a chef because he/she was great at cooking but that’s not the only thing. Even the best chefs of the world started out as cooks. They had to pick up huge and heavy pots from one place to another. They even learned how to boil water and eggs properly.

If you look at the famous chefs, even the ones who appear on TV, you will notice that they are very serious about the cleanliness of the kitchen. You can’t really learn about those things unless you have been a part of the cleaning process yourself. Yes, you will have to get into nooks and crannies and clean everything to know the importance of cleanliness. As a chef, you are the person who runs the kitchen. From the people behind the counter to the items placed in the refrigerator, you are responsible for everything. Yes, you are even responsible for the cockroach that’s crawling on the cabinets.

You Can’t Just Keep Shouting

You might think that shouting will get your job done, but you are completely wrong about that. Yes, there are times when you have to do some shouting as well. However, your shouting will only work on people who care about you and their work. Ido Fishman says that you will first have to form a connection with your workers, cleaners, cooks, etc. before you can shout at them. First, you form a connection, and then you deform that same connection. If they care about you, they will listen to you shouting and know that it is a serious matter.

However, if you don’t have any connection with your team players, they will not even respond to your shouting. Why would a person who does not care about their job care about you shouting on them? In addition to that, they can even respond with violence to your shouting. So, don’t think that you can just shout out loud in the kitchen and everything will start to happen magically. At times, your shouting can actually ruin the whole thing for you when your staff members stop cooking or working because they have had enough of you.

The Pressure Is Immense

Being in a restaurant kitchen is nothing less than being in a pressure cooker. You have to know that when you are in the kitchen, you are the one representing the restaurant. If a customer decides to come back to the restaurant, that’s your achievement. If a customer vows to never come back to your restaurant, that’s your responsibility to take. In addition to that, when you are having a peak hour or season, you have to send out food as fast as possible. Working fast is not enough though. You have to work fast and still maintain the quality of your food.

You have hungry customers waiting on the tables who could leave at any moment if they feel that you have are delaying their order. You have cooks behind the stoves who can only perform at a certain pace. You have the restaurant owner expecting 100{431c92db2ef93c421a350be785d244bd702e2c73a34f2b6f60cd8fd62b61507d} from you, and then there is you who has to make everything work. It is much more pressure than you may realize. So, according to Ido Fishman, you have to think not twice, but many times before you wish to be in a restaurant kitchen.

Team Play Is Crucial

It does not matter how good your cooking skills are. When you are in a restaurant kitchen, you are working with a team. You can’t think that just because you know how to cook means everything will be okay. What if the person who is preparing the garnishing for your prepared meal is not doing the job right? You have to be a team player and have everyone on the same page. To make things work, you have to have a close connection with them. They should feel your presence with them and for them. They should not always be feeling your pressure.

At the same time, you have to show showmanship as well. You have to be a team player. If things go wrong or awry, you can’t just react by going loud. You have to help people improve by improving them, not by scaring them. So, if you don’t think you are a team player, Ido Fishman believes you should not be in the kitchen at all.

Final Thoughts

So, it should be clear to you at this point that being in a restaurant kitchen requires much more than your cooking skills. You will be surprised to know that there are people with immense cooking skills sitting at home because they are not good team players or they can’t perform under pressure. You have to make sure you have all the right ingredients of being a great personality before you wish to be in a kitchen.


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