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Where to Find Matcha Drinks in Hoboken + Jersey City

Ordering coffee used to be a pretty easy process — add some milk, sugar, pay, and voila — you’re on your way. But in the last few years, the options for drinks have truly become endless. You’ve probably heard everyone raving about matcha — or have seen it on the menu at your local coffee shop — a powder derived from green tea and rich in antioxidants and often considered to be a ‘super food’ because of its various health benefits. Some of these benefits include increased energy and the ability to boost brain function. If this wasn’t enough reason, let’s be real it also tastes pretty delicious and serves as a great Instagram post any time, for any season.

Originally from China, Matcha leaves are grown under the shade alongside the green tea bushes. This helps to ensure an increased chlorophyll content in the leaves which is what makes it bright green and packed with nutrients. The leaves are picked by hand and the stems and veins are removed, and then grinded on a stone to get that magical green powder used in drinks, desserts, and cocktails. Read on for a guide to finding matcha lattes in Hoboken + Jersey City.


Alessio’s 539 Park Avenue

Located in the heart of Hoboken, Alessio’s has an expansive Italian menu, and an even more detailed latte menu with a matcha green tea latte that can be customized based on your choice of espresso shots because one is never enough, flavored syrup, and milk. There’s even local delivery allowing you to sip on that green cup of goodness without leaving the comfort of your home.

Alfalfa 1110 Washington Street

Photo credit: @eatalfalfa

Give it up to Alfalfa for making healthy look adorable + appetizing. While Alfalfa may be a local favorite for its expansive list of salads, its matcha latte is made with the customer in mind, and you can taste the care and craftsmanship in every sip.

Black Rail Coffee 800 Jackson Street

Black Rail Coffee

Photo credit: @blackrailcoffee

Getting that dose of java fix isn’t just a way to stay awake all day, but it’s a ritual that people take seriously. Local coffee shops bring with them a sense of comfort and Black Rail Coffee is a hidden gem where you have immediately transported away from the hustle of Hoboken into a quiet ambiance. It serves a great atmosphere with an even better iced matcha latte. They’re also open for indoor seating and have a variety of sandwiches to go along with that cup of Joe.

Bluestone Lane 409 Washington Street

Bluestone Lane

Photo credit: @bluestonelane

While Bluestone Lane is the beloved brunch destination in Hoboken with its classic avocado toast, you can pair this green meal with a green healthy latte. In addition to being beautiful, the latte is healthy and loaded with all the good stuff.

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Cafe Vista 527 Monroe Street

Cafe Vista

Photo credit: @cafevistahoboken

Cafe Vista is a great spot for one too many reasons This women-owned business in Hoboken is sure to bring all the Parisian vibes and the cafe attracts people across town due to its charm of both the outside and the inside. The famous rose petal latte is a must-try, but the iced matcha latte does not disappoint either. There are also macaroons and croissants that can be enjoyed alongside.

Hidden Grounds 700 Garden Street + 72 Hudson Street

Hidden Grounds

Photo credit: @hiddengroundscoffee

Now that you’re reading this, it’s probably time to spill the tea. While the matcha latte at Hidden Grounds tastes amazing, sometimes, one drink is never enough, and they understand that which is why, they are now offering 64oz Jugs of your favorite Hidden Grounds Drinks that includes the chai, rose, and matcha latte.

Hudson Coffee 1100 Maxwell Lane

hudson coffee

Photo credit: @hudson.coffee

Hudson Coffee offers inviting decor coupled with a great selection of coffee. The shop recently rolled out a new menu with Rose Matcha and Vanilla Matcha. Located right by Maxwell Park, this coffee shop is an ideal stop to make before heading for a walk along the waterfront.

Jefferson’s Coffee 534 Washington Street + 1001 Madison Street

Jefferson’s Coffee

Photo credit: @jeffersonscoffee

The amazing baristas at Jefferson’s Coffee whisk the matcha powder in hot water to make sure it’s thoroughly dissolved and then put the milk of your choice, of course over ice. After this process, the matcha is poured in the glass to form the perfect drink to sip on all day long.

Mojo Coffee Company 230 Willow Avenue

Photo credit: @mojocoffeecompany

At Mojo, a vibrant vibe meets good coffee. There’s cute decor inside and outdoor seating. What better way to enjoy this ambiance than the healthy green matcha from the menu.

Jersey City

Cafe Peanut 586 Newark Avenue

Cafe Peanut

Photo credit: @cafe.peanut

Life is really about the little things, a good book, a delicious latte, and quaint cafe vibes. You can find all of the above at Cafe Peanut, a charming cafe in Jersey City. There’s a selection of salads, sandwiches, and pastries and the matcha latte that is beautifully crafted by the baristas.

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Lackawanna Coffee Multiple locations

Lackawanna Coffee

Photo credit: @lackawannacoffee

Lackawanna Coffee has three locations in Jersey City, and the cute back patio with outdoor seating is a great option to WFH or soak in the good weather. There’s a specialty list of drinks options such as black sesame latte, organic turmeric latte, wildflower honey latte, and the delicious Kyoto matcha latte, with both hot and iced options.

Sober Shot 514 Jersey Avenue

sober shot

Photo credit: @sobershotnj

The Sober shot has an enticing drink called the “Sexy matcha,” which is regular matcha topped off with butterfly pea that adds more of an earthy flavor to the matcha latte. It tastes delicious and different from a regular latte. This iced drink is a perfect pick-me-up for the upcoming warm weather.

The Grind 360 Communipaw Avenue

The Grind

Photo credit: @grindcoffeejc

With spring slowly approaching, it’s a great time to go on a long Saturday walk and sip on a matcha latte. The Grind coffee shop’s location was inspired by the local charm of Upstate New York — bringing in the perfect culmination of coffee, food, and decor.


Written by: Risha Jagadish

Originally from India, in search of a place she could call home, Risha finally found her space in Home Sweet Hoboken. She currently works in advertising in New York City and loves to write about mindfulness and positivity. Her happiness lies in her morning routine – catching a sunrise at Maxwell Park, yoga by the pier followed by a hot cup of Joe before kickstarting the day. She equally loves her happy hours and can be found sipping a beer (or a few more) around the local spots. Her guilty pleasure is Garlic Naan and a big bowl of frozen yogurt enjoyed by the skyline.