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Vivo V17 Pro With Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 Processor

Vivo V17 Pro comes with extraordinary performance for speed. After completing the aspects of product completeness, design and screen, another important aspect comes, namely performance. From the performance sector, the Vivo V17 Pro Price carries a Qualcomm-made processor, the Snapdragon 675. The details of the Vivo V17 Pro device itself are using an Octa-core processor (2 × 2.0 GHz Kryo 460 Gold & 6 × 1.7 GHz Kryo 460 Silver) and a processor. graphics or GPU Adreno 612. Apart from embedding the Snapdragon 675 processor, the Vivo is also supported by 8GB RAM and has 128GB of internal memory.

Performance-wise, this is what makes us call this device a tough one. Because with a price tag like that, the Vivo V17 Pro still uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chip. Indeed, the segment is different, maybe through this handset, Vivo is more favored by the number of cameras and camera performance alone. Not the kitchen runway aspect and the speed in processing and presenting data to the user via a higher chip.

Still from the performance sector, another responsibility at the same price compared to competitors is the absence of the NFC feature. In that price class, there is Samsung with the Galaxy A50s, which now has the important NFC feature. While the Chinese manufacturer at the same price also has Huawei with Nova 5T which already has NFC features. While Vivo V17 Pro does not have this feature. This is unfortunate. This is why we call this handset only a lot of cameras, the rest is ‘responsibility’.

Back to the performance sector, apart from using it everyday, as usual we simulated in the benchmark test. Although it does not represent everyday use, benchmark tests through popular applications are also a benchmark for consumers in deciding to purchase a smartphone device.

For simulation results using the popular AnTuTu Benchmark and AnTuTu 3D Bench applications, Vivo V17 Pro is able to produce an overall score of 179134.

After performance, the gaming aspect did not escape our attention. Gaming today is also important for consumers. For those who like to play games, smartphones with this capability are now in great demand. Armed with the specifications we described above, we think this smartphone is very capable of being invited to play games.

We tested the Vivo V17 Pro handset for gaming needs with several games at once. Multigenre. The latest one is the FPS Call of Duty Mobile game. There are also Arcade games, and of course Racing games. For FPS games with the Call of Duty Mobile game, this handset is quite capable of performing well. Even though it is not right on the graphic settings, the image presentation is quite thumbs up.