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Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee Comes to Nokesville

Finally, a coffee house is coming to Nokesville- to be located at the intersection of Fitzwater Drive and Nokesville Road (Route 28). The café, Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee, is what many in the Nokesville area have envisioned for the main street of Prince William’s most rural community. It will also be a 100{431c92db2ef93c421a350be785d244bd702e2c73a34f2b6f60cd8fd62b61507d} family-run, woman-owned business.

The coffee shop will offer multiple coffee and espresso drinks such as cappuccinos, lattes, and frozen coffees, plus smoothies and teas. Nova Vita Creatives & Coffee will also offer a selection of pastries and protein bars and gluten-free options. It will also have an arts section and small boutique.

Nova Vita Creatives & Coffee is a dream come true for the Millar family of Nokesville. It will be owned and operated by matriarch Paula Millar, her daughters Danielle Millar and Rebecca Ferguson, and her daughter-in-law Jessica Millar. Dad, Tom Millar

Paula raised her family in Nokesville, homeschooling her children, and Jessica grew up just down the road in Bristow. After all her children graduated high school, Paula realized she was in the position to start the business she always dreamed about.

“We talked about having a coffee shop,” and Paula, and finally it seemed like the right time to make it happen. Danielle has experience as a local barista in a well-known mom & pop coffee house, and Paula has experience in the arts.

Paula up-cycles furniture to make it fresh, fun and modern. Her restored furniture will be featured in the front of the store. The family also plans to sell artwork and jewelry by local artisans and hold paint and sip nights and other fun events.

In the back of the store will be the coffee bar and tables, with seating for approximately 25 people.

The family expects Vita Nova Creatives & Coffee will be a community asset, attracting meet ups between friends, business associates, or those who work from their laptops. It can be a place where moms can relax while their children are in dance class, or moms’ groups can meet up in the afternoon, and teachers can grade papers after school. The Millars plan for it to be “very family-friendly.”

They already feel it will be a popular destination on a street with several businesses and restaurants but no place else to sit down for a coffee or specialty café drink.

Nokesville residents have been wanting a coffee shop for a long time, Paula explains. It is something she repeatedly heard. “There’s a lot of support for it,” she said.

Nova Vita Creatives & Coffee is partnered with Crimson Cup, a roaster which mentors and advises coffee shop start-ups. Paula said Crimson Cup has been a tremendous asset and given them the confidence to hit the ground running.

The Millars hope to have a soft opening for Vita Nova in June followed by a grand opening in July. While the family is primarily self-funding the cafe, they have an Indiegogo page to help launch the business.

They plan to use the next couple of months to spread the word about the business. They ask everyone to share articles and tell everyone in Nokesville! Until then, stay thirsty!

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