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These Great Kitchen Towels Are on Sale on Amazon This Weekend

It’s easy to take kitchen towels for granted. A kitchen towel is a tireless kitchen workhorse, wiping down sopping dishes and hands, de-mucking countertops, and standing in as an impromptu oven mitt. We burn, soak, scrub, scour, wring, rinse-and-repeat them, until they’re reduced to tattered, careworn relics of culinary endeavors-past. And while a good rinse cycle can revive even the rattiest kitchen towels, it’s a good idea to have several on hand to spare yourself from constant laundry loads.

Especially for those looking to curb their paper towel consumption, kitchen towels are a great thing to have in abundance, which is why we suggest taking a peek at the kitchen towels and dish rags that are on sale this weekend on Amazon. Maybe you are a biodegradable Swedish dish cloth type of person, or maybe you prefer the classic flour sack towels beloved by our own food editors. Either way, there are some kitchen towel deals for you.

Check out the best kitchen towels and dish cloths for sale on Amazon this weekend below:

LAZI Kitchen Dish Towels, 6-Pack

Flour Sack Kitchen Towels, 12-Pack

Harringdons Kitchen Dish Towels, 12-Pack

Swedish Dishcloths, Moroccan Green 3-Pack

Swedish Cellulose Sponge Cloths, 10-Pack