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There are 15 Doras in Greater Cincinnati

Greater Cincinnati is now home to more than a dozen “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area” districts and with the newest one opening at The Banks this week, we decided to round them up for you. 

A  “Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area” or Dora district is exactly what it sounds like – a spot where people can grab a drink from a local establishment and walk around.

5 things to know:The Banks Dora district is coming Thursday

Typically these are centered around downtown areas and are aimed toward getting more foot traffic to local businesses. They’re also coronavirus restriction- and spring weather-friendly.  

All Dora districts require visitors to purchase a beverage in a cup from a local business; you can’t bring your own cup nor can you bring your own alcohol.

Looking for a spot to sip outside? Here’s where to go:

The Banks – The newest Dora district opens Thursday. It means you’ll be able to walk around 85 acres of Downtown Cincinnati with a drink in hand. The Dora stretches from the Heritage Bank Center (formerly US Bank Arena) to Paul Brown Stadium and from Mehring Way to Second Street.

The new drinking district at The Banks will open next week, allowing you to have your drink and walk around 85-acres near the riverfront.

Bellevue: The Bellevue Entertainment District located along Fairfield avenue allows people to drink on the sidewalks and between businesses. The district is on Fairfield Avenue between O’Fallon Avenue and Riviera Drive.

Cheviot: Covers a few blocks around Harrison Avenue, including Glenmore Ave, North Bend Road. You can stop by Public House, Keller’s Cheviot Cafe and Legend’s Bar and Venue and a handful of other bars.