July 26, 2021


This Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Bringing Its Famous Pasta Sauce To Stores

The ongoing pandemic conditions that have reduced the earnings of restaurants worldwide, even those like Carbone, have also prepared the market for the premium pasta sauce that Carbone Fine Foods intends to sell.

There is only one competitor in this area, according to Fast Company: Rao’s Specialty Food Group, which is the grocery brand developed by another iconic Italian restaurant in New York City. This is despite the fact that, as Dan Wald, Boston Consulting Group’s global head of the consumer products sector, noted to Fast Company, pasta sauces tend to be included in the group of grocery

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Recipes: Pasta dishes that take a break from red sauce

Makes 4 servings

Romans use the leaves that grow around heads of broccoli to make a flavorful sauce for pasta. In the United States, most of the leaves are stripped off before broccoli is sold. Our recipe instead uses the stems, which are equally flavorful and produce a silky sauce. Baby spinach maintains the color of the original recipe.

Undercooking the broccoli stems could throw the sauce off. We’re accustomed to cooking vegetables until crisp-tender, but the stems here should be cooked until fully tender.

Kosher salt and ground black pepper

1 pound broccoli, stems and florets separated

1 1⁄2

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Brunch recipes: BLT Eggs Benedict with chipotle hollandaise sauce

With Easter weekend fast approaching in April—not to mention spring starting on March 20—home cooks may want to consider freshening up their recipe repertoire with some new ideas.

On that note, the Egg Farmers of Canada have served up a batch of recipes that offers some twists on the classic brunch staple and all-time fave: eggs Benedict.

Here’s one by chef Craig Flinn that combines the BLT sandwich and poached eggs with a chipotle hollandaise sauce.


Serves 6

Prep time: 35 mins

Cook time: 25 mins

Poached Eggs and Garnish


8 eggs

¼ cup (60 millilitres) white vinegar


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Sauce Louis and chicken divan recipes bring a touch of retro cooking

A short tour of retro cooking here, which might be just the thing if you’re in search of comfort food.

‘Tis the season for Dungeness crab, our country’s most popular crabmeat. The origins of the recipe for Crab Louie (sometimes Louis) are unclear, although most sources say it came from our West Coast. No surprise there, as California and the Pacific Northwest are the richest sources in the United States for Dungeness.

The Olympic Club in Seattle, Wash., claimed provenance beginning in 1904 with a story that the visiting tenor Enrico Caruso ordered it off the menu so often during

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