June 22, 2021


Sauce Magazine – Former Niche chef Nate Hereford will open Chicken Scratch at City Foundry STL this fall

Former Niche chef Nate Hereford will open Chicken Scratch at City Foundry STL this fall

Chicken Scratch, a Midwestern-inspired rotisserie chicken concept, will open early this fall at City Foundry STL at 3700 Forest Park Ave. 

Chicken Scratch is the creation of Nate Hereford, former executive chef of Gerard Craft’s now-closed Niche in Clayton. In 2016, Hereford headed to California to work on research and development projects for Just Inc., where he was senior research chef on a plant-based egg product. After seeing several rotisserie chicken shops pop up in San Francisco,

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Ron’s Ribs and Kai’s Drip Sauce enter the Philadelphia BBQ sauce scene

While the Philadelphia-area barbecue scene is thriving — with such newcomers as Zig Zag, Lucky Well in Spring Arts, and the NXTX Tex-Mex pop-ups joining the crop, and a shop called Huff & Puff BBQ due to open soon in Center City — I’ve found two barbecue sauce makers in the news just this week.

One is the revival of a storied name in BBQ, while the other is the creation of a 10-year-old girl from West Oak Lane who wants to clean up the world.

(And if you hanker for hot sauce, here’s a rundown of some fine options

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Lloyd and Fontella Henry: The brains behind Big Daddy’s famed barbecue sauce | Boomtown

It’s 7 a.m. in Columbia, and Lloyd Henry is already hard at work preparing the day’s meats for Big Daddy’s BBQ.

He and his wife, Fontella, have been cooking and perfecting their barbecue recipes for years, serving the hungry people of Columbia.

They serve most of the barbecue basics, such as pulled pork, brisket and ribs, plus specialty items, such as their wildly popular pulled pork nachos. The pulled pork nachos are a customer favorite when Henry decides to take his cookwagon to an event.

“It unbelievable,” he said. “They’re a large portion with a layer of chips, pulled pork,

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BBC – Travel – The Washington DC sauce drenched in debate

When one mentions Washington DC, to outsiders, a few predictable images come to mind: the White House; monuments and museums; endless bureaucracy; and the never-ending soap opera that is US politics.

What doesn’t often come up, however, is food. Philadelphia has its cheesesteaks. New York has its bagels, pizza and pastrami. Even nearby Maryland has its famous crab cakes. In the eyes of most, the US capital has never had a nationally or internationally recognisable culinary treasure to call its own.

I have no idea how I started eating it. It’s just a part of the culture

But for many

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This Michelin-Starred Restaurant Is Bringing Its Famous Pasta Sauce To Stores

The ongoing pandemic conditions that have reduced the earnings of restaurants worldwide, even those like Carbone, have also prepared the market for the premium pasta sauce that Carbone Fine Foods intends to sell.

There is only one competitor in this area, according to Fast Company: Rao’s Specialty Food Group, which is the grocery brand developed by another iconic Italian restaurant in New York City. This is despite the fact that, as Dan Wald, Boston Consulting Group’s global head of the consumer products sector, noted to Fast Company, pasta sauces tend to be included in the group of grocery

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Recipes: Pasta dishes that take a break from red sauce

Makes 4 servings

Romans use the leaves that grow around heads of broccoli to make a flavorful sauce for pasta. In the United States, most of the leaves are stripped off before broccoli is sold. Our recipe instead uses the stems, which are equally flavorful and produce a silky sauce. Baby spinach maintains the color of the original recipe.

Undercooking the broccoli stems could throw the sauce off. We’re accustomed to cooking vegetables until crisp-tender, but the stems here should be cooked until fully tender.

Kosher salt and ground black pepper

1 pound broccoli, stems and florets separated

1 1⁄2

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