June 21, 2021


Meet the Canberra woman behind T Australia: The New York Times Style Magazine

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Meet the local journalist spearheading the launch of T Australia: The New York Times Style Magazine.

She’s interviewed everyone from Victoria Beckham to Sting, Tom Ford to Kylie Minogue. Her yearly diary included invitations for Paris Fashion Week, safari expeditions to Botswana, and hot laps on Europe’s top racing tracks. She’s partied with Karl Lagerfeld and came pretty close to chatting to Vladimir Putin at a wine party in Moscow.

But it was in her office in Braddon that journalist Katarina Kroslakova had her career-defining moment. One sunny morning last September, an idea for a

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Sauce Magazine – Former Niche chef Nate Hereford will open Chicken Scratch at City Foundry STL this fall

Former Niche chef Nate Hereford will open Chicken Scratch at City Foundry STL this fall

Chicken Scratch, a Midwestern-inspired rotisserie chicken concept, will open early this fall at City Foundry STL at 3700 Forest Park Ave. 

Chicken Scratch is the creation of Nate Hereford, former executive chef of Gerard Craft’s now-closed Niche in Clayton. In 2016, Hereford headed to California to work on research and development projects for Just Inc., where he was senior research chef on a plant-based egg product. After seeing several rotisserie chicken shops pop up in San Francisco,

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas – Mpls.St.Paul Magazine

Need a card? Here are four local ones:

  • Who’s mom wouldn’t be delighted by the cute illustrations of MNiCards? mni-cards.com
  • Bench Pressed, a mom and pop letterpress and design studio in Minneapolis, has both a traditional card and one for grieving mothers, recognizing the holiday can evoke complicated emotions. benchpressed.net
  • We love Bruno Press, a woman-owned printmaking shop based in Saint Joseph, Minn. Sometimes sassy, sometimes expressing just the right amount of affirming words, the shop offers some wonderfully fitting mom’s day cards that sum up exactly what it means to show love for the strongest
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US Postal Service Celebrates ‘American’ Espresso with New StampsDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine

USPS espresso stamps

Known for its timely deliveries, the U.S. Postal Service has at long last dedicated a series of stamps dedicated to the magic elixir that has helped fuel the modern-day specialty coffee industry in the United States: espresso drinks.

The agency released the collection of 55-cent postage stamps in 20-stamp booklets last week. Each booklet contains four different stamps celebrating four popular espresso-based drinks: straight espresso, cappuccino, caffe latte and caffe mocha.

With artwork inspired by 1920s and ’30s advertising posters and art deco-inspired lettering the collection is meant to capture “the inviting atmosphere of an early 20th-century

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Waffles and Mochi – TulsaKids Magazine

Have you watched “Waffles and Mochi” on Netflix? This new show for kids, hosted by Michelle Obama, introduces young viewers to staple foods like eggs, mushrooms and salt. At the same time, it incorporates important life lessons through the adventures of puppet protagonists Waffles and Mochi.

For example, in the episode about pickles, not only do Waffles and Mochi learn to make their own pickles after breaking a very special jar of pickles. They also learn patience because pickles take time! Of course, this lesson comes via a time machine that they sit in for several days until the

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For the Culture magazine celebrates Black women in food

“I’m feeling very excited. And, frankly, relieved,” Miller says. “And a little bit protective.”

Both as a writer and consumer of food media, Miller, the magazine’s editor in chief, noticed a lack of coverage of people of color in the mainstream for much of her career. And roughly four years ago, “Cherry Bombe asked me to guest edit an all-Black issue, which I found really intriguing,” Miller says. She then entered the nascent stages of putting it together by approaching contributors to gauge interest. “I felt really stimulated,” she says, but for various reasons, the project didn’t come to fruition.

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