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Drunk pair who raided Xi’an Famous Foods to apologize on video

A pair of drunk noodle-heads who raided a Big Apple Chinese restaurant for a midnight snack will have to apologize on video if they want to be forgiven, the restaurant said Tuesday.

The two chowhounds, who sneaked into a Xi-an Famous Foods outlet around 12:30 a.m. Sunday to try to cook up some dumplings, did apologize and “provided compensation” for the stunt, the company said on Facebook.

But that’s not good enough, the post said.

The intruders, who were caught on surveillance video during their six-minute jaunt through the kitchen, will have to go in front of the camera

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Two apparently drunk chowhounds raid Xi’an Famous Foods

They deserve a slap in the noodle for this one.

Two apparently drunk chowhounds sneaked into a Xi’an Famous Foods restaurant over the weekend to whip up some tasty dumplings — only for their midnight snack attack to fail miserably and get roasted online by the chain’s founder.

The ham-handed kitchen invasion — which was caught on camera — went down around 12:30 a.m. Sunday at one of the authentic Western Chinese chain’s eight city locations — best known for slapping the dough of their hand-torn noodles, according to a Facebook post by the company.

The unidentified location had an

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