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Anthony Bourdain Deserved a Realer Documentary Than Roadrunner

I should say right from the start of this review that I can’t be considered an Anthony Bourdain fan. I haven’t read his books and only saw a few episodes of his show.

I did, however, read that first New Yorker essay that put him on the map, followed by the book that made him famous, Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. He seemed like an interesting guy, especially when passages such as this one from his book A Cook’s Tour began to make the rounds on social media:

Once you’ve been to Cambodia, you’ll never stop wanting

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Renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck Serves Up The Details Of His Life, In And Out Of The Kitchen, In New Documentary

Wolfgang Puck admits that he doesn’t like to think about the past too much.

He makes this statement in the opening moments of the new documentary about his life, aptly entitled, simply Wolfgang.

But within the 80-minute piece, he does in fact take a long look back at his life, making many astute observations about his journey to becoming not only a famous

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Wolfgang Puck cooks up a new project: Disney+ documentary tells his life story from young cook to world famous celebrity chef

HOLLYWOOD-Wolfgang Puck is essentially the man who branded the term “famous chef”. His resume includes two Michelin stars, two James Beard Awards, more than 100 restaurants around the world, and side dishes from major grocery stores.

The new documentary shows his growing fame … but also shows his very humble beginnings. “Wolfgang” is a celebration of a well-lived life. But it’s also a view of how hard work and determination can reach the place you want.

Puck spent his troubled childhood in Austria long before he became a global star on his blessed life and culinary stage and fed Hollywood’s

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Disney+ Looks for Success With Food and Chef Documentary Wolfgang

The most surprising thing about the new Disney+ documentary Wolfgang is that it exists at all.

For one thing, Wolfgang Puck doesn’t look backward, as he notes in the movie’s opening minutes. Though Puck is America’s original celebrity chef and one of the world’s most famous, he has been reluctant to talk about his childhood, his personal life, or how he built his business empire, estimated to be worth at least $90 million. He has been singularly focused on advancing his brand, which encompasses everything from popular steakhouses to cookware.

The documentary, which will start streaming on Disney+ on

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