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Spicy salmon bowl recipe to DIY at dwelling

I turned my favourite sushi take out dish right into a wholesome and extremely satisfying at-home meal. This spicy salmon bowl is impressed by the basic roll — however truthfully, it’s much more enjoyable and gratifying to eat.

That’s the attraction of bowls basically, isn’t it? They’re satisfying as a result of they provide a wide range of flavors and textures, all of which steadiness one another out. Crisp-tender and briny zucchini pickles; wealthy salmon; crunchy, spicy slaw; and funky avocado sit atop a mound of rice, lending it taste.

Whereas the recipe seems to be lengthy, it may be

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How to Make Fake Blood and Guts for Halloween: Easy DIY Recipes

Your Halloween costume will be dripping with style once you learn how to make fake blood, guts, and scabs.

Many years ago, I worked as a celebrity makeup artist. And for a while there, I trained in special effects makeup—you know, the gooey, gross, and oozing stuff that makes you gasp or peek through your hands as you’re watching a scary movie. If you’re planning a DIY Halloween costume and are trying to figure out how to make fake blood to accent your creation, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Making fake blood is both creative and easy, depending on your

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Upgrade your home bar with small-batch and DIY bitters | Food & Cooking

When Genevieve Brazelton made her first batch of bitters in her San Francisco home in 2010, she had no idea the project would blossom into a flourishing enterprise.

Genevieve Brazelton of Portland, Oregon, created bitters from her home before launching her business, The Bitter Housewife. Photo by Jordan Hughes.

It all started when Brazelton was testing a recipe for her former urban homesteading blog, On Becoming a Housewife. Having spent years in the restaurant industry, Brazelton was no stranger to the food-and-drink world and was curious if she could really make bitters that were better than the brands she was

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This Dated Blue Kitchen Gets a DIY Revamp for $25K

For Ben and Jess Blair, the renovation of their coastal Kingscliff, Australia, home has been quite the learning process as they took on the design, demo, and construction themselves. And while they’re not total novices—he’s a plasterer and she’s an architectural practitioner, and they had help from other friends in the industry—it was an uphill climb to get the now upgraded kitchen and dining area to finally match the light and airy aesthetic of the rest of their 1979-built home.

The newly married couple have been living in the home for eight years and were initially “drawn to its capacity

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