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Looking For Lunch Ideas? Doc Digs In To The Delicious Dishes At The Pub In Milan

QuadCities.com is happy to welcome Doc Kaalberg to our team! Doc will be providing food and restaurant reviews in his witty and fun

Doc Kaalberg

style, and we hope you enjoy his writing as much as we do!

The Pub in Milan is to family reunions, what the cool Aunt is for family reunions.

Let me explain…

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of sitting down to a lunch at The Pub. A medium size bar that should be serving greasy wings and warm beer, has transformed itself into a lunch and dinner time staple for those of you seeking out

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New Digs for Flex Commercial Kitchen Company

New York, NY—Chefs and food entrepreneurs who’ve always dreamed of starting their own business but balked because of high initial capital outlays and recurring overhead costs, now have a new destination in Harlem to incubate and launch their enterprises.

e.terra Kitchen opened its doors on Wednesday and welcomed over 50 guests to its brand-new flex commercial kitchen that features shared kitchen stations, bakery kitchen stations, cold storage and co-working space, among others.   

Joel Rogozinski, e.terra Kitchen’s Chief Financial Officer, explained why it was important for the company to be headquartered in Harlem (2191 Third Avenue at 119th Street).


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Fleur de Lolly digs into grandmother’s recipes for spring desserts

Long-time readers of my blog and column will remember reading about my Grandmother Clara. She was an amazing woman who had many talents. After she passed away in 2007, I was blessed to receive her recipes that she kept in a large holiday tin.

The recipes include a variety of salads, casseroles and desserts. Recently, I spent several enjoyable hours taking a stroll down memory lane reading recipes from years ago.

I love that these two cake recipes were my grandmother’s; the carrot cake was baked in the pan that belonged to my mother; the cream cheese mint recipe is

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