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These viral hacks remedy kitchen issues you didn’t even know you had

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Avoid wasting invaluable money and time with these kitchen utensils. (Supply: iStock)

Each kitchen has commonplace home equipment like microwaves, ovens and fridges, however why ought to the equipment listing cease there? It’s possible you’ll not have heard of a few of these kitchen utensils, however upon getting, you’ll be left questioning the way you lived with out them.

From a vacuum seal that retains your

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I ate crickets and did not hate them, Houston meals critic says

When a dish of crickets was set earlier than me at Road to Kitchen Thai restaurant the opposite night time, I didn’t flinch. The shiny black bugs rode atop crimson cubes of watermelon, as colourful as you please. Salt and crimson chile chimed in as I bit, goosing the juicy melon and the crunchy cricket.

Consuming crickets this manner is usually in regards to the chitinous texture. The bugs had been fried with aromatic makrut lime leaves, they usually crackled like a snack meals. Graham Painter, the restaurant’s co-owner and host, poured out a glass of Crémant, the glowing wine … Read More

Huge tree growing in kitchen didn’t stump Gulfport buyers

“Keep Gulfport Weird” is practically a town motto, found on bumper stickers all over, so it’s fitting that a home listing there landed on the “Zillow Gone Wild” Facebook page.

Look past the marble countertops and waterfront view, and there is a giant tree growing in the kitchen with its top sprouting through the roof. Now that tree has new owners, Greg and Linda Simek, who bought the 2,874 square-foot waterfront house for $899,000.

Questions like “How did this happen?” and “What are you going to do with that thing in your kitchen?” can finally be answered.

The family

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Did I or didn’t I eat raw cake batter? What did you see? | Columns

You know, it’s one thing to tell me not to eat romaine lettuce or prepackaged spinach.

I didn’t want to anyway, so I could greet the temporary advice to avoid them with an insincere “aw, shucks” and blithely maintain my streak of not eating beneficial greens.

But on Thursday the CDC warned against eating raw cake batter, citing a 12-state E. coli outbreak with illnesses linked to cake mix and traced as far back as February. And this is where I must confess to one of the foundational principles guiding what I eat: The Theory of Did Anybody See

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Which team didn’t rise to the finale?

While Crime Scene Kitchen recap requires following the clues to the right dessert, the baking teams must actually execute that dessert. Although some bakers can use a secret ingredient to make the tastiest desserts, tears in the batter do not add an appetizing flavor. Which team’s dessert felt flat just short of the finale?

Unlike other baking competitions, Crime Scene Kitchen added another element to the mix. Requiring the baking teams to decipher the clues means that a delicious dessert could go home just because it didn’t answer the question. While your baking professor might give you partial credit, there

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Why I Didn’t “Just Bake the Cake” | Jack Phillips

The following is excerpted and adapted from The Cost of My Faith: How a Decision in My Cake Shop Took Me to the Supreme Court, released this week. Jack is the owner and artist of Masterpiece Cakeshop who was sued for acting on his convictions—and for not baking a cake for a same-sex couple. 

My decision in the cake shop that summer afternoon in July 2012—and my continuing decision to stand by it ever since—has cost me at least tens of thousands of dollars in revenue and eight years and counting of physical threats to my family, insults

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