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6 clever design ideas to style your studio apartment

The studio apartment is a modern invention, like fast food, streaming and plant parents. It is also a ubiquitous reality; we have all lived in a studio apartment or a similar living space where every inch matters.

It can be challenging to design a studio apartment; after all a single room, often less than 500 square feet, has to function as a living room, dining space, kitchen, bedroom and home office. However the limited square footage of a studio apartment should not stop you from creating a skillfully-crafted space.

1. Divide the Space Without Blocking Light

Would you like your

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Fifteen design and fashion projects by students at Vilnius Academy of Arts

“The formation of the immediate environment along with the material environment has been partly driven by our fear or desire to feel safe. It is our physical, material environment around us that helps to actively and passively preserve our identity. Our bodies are the direct bearers of our identity.

“The identity addressed in the research interacts with the physical protection of one’s data and the neurotic desire of an individual to preserve the identity, even though there is no real threat to it. Today our face has more authority than ever before.

“By protecting the face, we are protecting the

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Yellow bedroom ideas: 20 ways to use this color in your design

There’s no doubt about it: yellow bedroom ideas are bound to bring cheerfulness to your sleeping quarters. Gorgeously bright and brimming with optimism, it is found in Mother Nature’s most rewarding creations. From earth-saving bees, to springtime daffodils, a yellow bedroom is bound to put a smile on your face.

And so it’s understandable that you would have some of these bedroom color ideas planned for your sleep space. With food-related shades such as lemon, corn and mustard, its a flavorsome hue that can heighten the senses.

Francesca Birch, designer at Danetti says: ‘Adding pops of bright and positive color

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Multo Intelligent Cooking System by CookingPal Review: Poor Recipes, Bad Design

Measure for Measure

The Multo comes with its own custom tablet, which you use to select recipes and control the machine. The Multo base has an on/off switch on the back and a glorified start/stop button on the front, and that’s it. I like the way using the tablet keeps you from using an app on your phone, where you might get distracted by messages and notifications, but it drives me crazy when you can’t control a kitchen appliance by pressing buttons on the appliance itself. It also felt unsafe to be able to control a machine with whirling blades

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Moe’s Southwest Grill Unveils Modernized Restaurant Design in Greater Atlanta

New Design Features Dedicated Off-Premise Service Line, New Interior and Exterior Signage Logo, Color Palette, Menu Boards and Refreshed Made-to-Order Menu Items

Moe's Southwest Grill Unveils Modernized Restaurant Design in Greater AtlantaAtlanta, GA  (RestaurantNews.comMoe’s Southwest Grill®, an innovative fast-casual restaurant franchise that serves high quality menu items including burritos, quesadillas, famous queso and more, has announced the modernization and refresh of more than 50 restaurants in the Greater Atlanta market. Home to Moe’s and the brand’s largest market, Atlanta is the latest city to experience Moe’s evolution following refreshes in Nashville, TN; Charleston, SC; and Rochester, NY. These restaurants in Atlanta now feature a dedicated

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