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These 3 hot pop-ups in Seattle serve up Latin Caribbean soul food, Detroit-style pizza and West African delights

Some of Seattle’s best food right now can be found at pop-ups (transitory restaurants operated out of anywhere with a kitchen) with first-time food business owners trying out exciting ideas in a low-risk environment. Here are three of the best we’ve tried recently that you can add to your list.


During the time Jhonny Reyes spent cooking Southern food in Seattle restaurants, most recently for four years at JuneBaby, he started seeing more and more connections between the American soul food he was cooking and the Latinx Caribbean food his Cuban and Puerto Rican family fed him as a

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Take in South NJ culinary delights at Cherry Hill Restaurant Week

Restaurant week is always one of my favorite times of the year. Not only do some of NJ’s most lauded restaurants participate, but it is also a time where you can discover some new spots.

New Jersey has been very famous for some of it’s celebrated restaurant weeks in different areas. Traditionally, it is North Jersey that gets the most press for its cuisine, presumably because it’s so close to New York. I don’t believe the areas in South Jersey get enough credit for the amazing food that they have as well as the astonishing assortment of fabulous restaurants.


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