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Polar Bears Delight At Big Frozen Salmon Birthday Cake

A large frozen salmon birthday cake, formed because the quantity 2, proved an ideal present for a younger polar bear.

The footage reveals Finja the polar bear celebrating her second birthday on the Tiergarten Schönbrunn, the world’s oldest zoo, in Vienna, Austria, on Nov. 9.

Within the video, Finja and her mom Nora strategy the fishy cake, which was displayed on the high of a rock of their enclosure.

The bears circle the cake after which rip chunks of salmon out of the frozen deal with. The mom and daughter devour the cake and following the meal, head to

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Baking up a chocolate delight with a surprise ingredient

This delicious cake is easy to make and fun to decorate – see if anyone can guess the unusual ingredient in it!

If you want to impress your family and friends the next time you see them, then this yummy chocolate cake fits the bill, as it’s easy to make and large enough to serve 10 people.

Once you have weighed everything out, it only takes about 10 minutes to get the cake ready for popping in the oven.

You’ll notice too it has a rather unusual ingredient for a sweet cake – mayonnaise.

That will be a good talking

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Onsen tamago dish a Japanese delight

Chef Shuko Oda is a food hero in London for the authentic and unfussy Japanese dishes she serves at Koya udon noodle restaurant.

Shuko, who was born in Britain and has worked as a chef in Japan, supplied a recipe for a lamb rice bowl topped with a Japanese-style poached egg (onsen tamago).

I found the egg to be the trickiest part. If you haven’t poached an egg this way before, it’s worth practicing ahead of time. I managed to undercook the egg. Most of the ingredients should be available in stores or online, though I used salad leaves from

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Truckin Foodie at Yapral is a food lover’s delight

Truckin Foodie is Apoorva and Deeksha Marur’s tribute to their passionate food lover father Vijay Marur

Apoorva and Deeksha Marur spent the lockdown experimenting sauces, ingredients and doing cooking trials at home. Their trials were of dishes they don’t easily get in the vicinity of their home. Their trials were to finalise a menu that would give shape to an idea they had come up with their late father Vijay Marur — a food truck. They named it Truckin Foodie’

Apoorva, the elder sister, says, “It was dad’s dream to do something with food and the idea excited us. After

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