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Eat vegan junk food like pizza, burgers, tacos, cake in Delaware

Shawn Thomas knows what’s it like to eat vegan food that tastes like paint chips and sadness. Nearly a decade ago, he became vegan and would eat just about anything as long as it was healthy, sacrificing taste for nutrition.

But Thomas made a vow never to go back to those dark ages of culinary, and the founder of Go Vegan Philly in Wilmington isn’t alone.

Delaware has a number of businesses that are part of the “vegan-junk food” scene, a movement where customers can enjoy plant-based alternatives that look and taste incredible, yet they’re made with healthier ingredients than

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These Delaware Restaurants Are Taking Tech to a New Level

From left, Rich Snyder, director of food and beverage for the Buccini/Pollin Group; James Sparks, head chef at Makers Alley; Dru Tevis, corporate pastry chef for SoDel Concepts; and Dan Sheridan, owner of Stitch House Brewery are some of those recreating  the Delaware dining scene in their own images. Among those changes is Makers Alley itself, where a fire pit and open outdoor dining area attract al fresco fans./Photo by Jim Coarse/Moonloop Photography

New generations redefine Delaware hospitality with faster meals, more mobility, tech-friendly restaurants and Instagrammable dishes. 

*This story and photos were originally published prior to the COVID-19

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