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REVIEW: New Paint Can Confetti Cake from Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A brand new dessert is available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This adorable paint can cake is the perfect addition to the warehouse, but make sure you eat it before it gets mistaken for a piece of the film set!

Paint Can Cake — $6.99

Rainbow Sprinkle Confetti Cake layered with Vanilla Buttercream, a Mango-Chocolate drip, and White Chocolate Paintbrush

The cake resembles a paint can with bright yellow paint dripping over the sides, and it even comes with an adorable white chocolate paintbrush!


The confetti cake is absolutely delicious. It has an amazing, fresh flavor. The cake holds together well and it’s exactly what you would want it to be.


The grey icing is pretty flavorless other than tasting sweet and fresh, but it has a perfect soft consistency.


The mango chocolate drip is dynamite. It has an intense mango flavor, but because there isn’t too much of it, each bite is gently, but distinctly flavored with mango.


We love that the paint can even includes a handle.


The confetti cake is colorful and perfectly moist.


Overall, this cake was a delicious treat and such a pleasant surprise to find at a theme park. We would highly recommend this dessert to any mango fan, and we hope it sticks around!


We found this adorable cake at the Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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