Estimation of radiation dose from ingested tritium in humans by administration of deuterium-labelled compounds and food

D/H ratios in urine and 13C/12C ratios in breath

D2O and D-labelled glucose were administered once to volunteers, orally, while D-labelled alanine and D-labelled palmitic acid were administered once daily for four successive days. The D/H ratios in urine, after the administration of D2O and D-labelled glucose, are shown in Fig. 2, and those of D-labelled alanine and D-labelled palmitic acid are shown in Fig. 3. Boiled green soybean, which was cultivated hydroponically in 20{431c92db2ef93c421a350be785d244bd702e2c73a34f2b6f60cd8fd62b61507d} D2O solution, was administered as D-labelled soybean on weekdays, for 2 weeks, and the subsequent D/H

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‘I can’t pay my rent. I have no food.’ Unemployed workers are on edge awaiting slow-moving jobless benefits

On Facebook groups, people swap tips about how to game the unemployment system. One trick: When calling the state Department of Unemployment Assistance, pressing “6″ to change a password will get a live person on the phone — though that person probably won’t be able to help with an unpaid claim.

The DUA has been plagued by problems since the early days of the pandemic, when a deluge of claims and an outdated computer system led to long waits for benefits. In the fall, fraudulent claims generated by autonomous software programs also contributed to significant delays as more stringent identification

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The online-to-offline (O2O) food delivery industry and its recent development in China

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    What is the most searched Super Bowl food by state in 2021?

    This year’s map does not disappoint. For every state that’s searching for things that should be at a Super Bowl party (Colorado and Massachusetts with their chili, any of the states that are searching for a dip), there are even more states searching for things that shouldn’t be anywhere near a Super Bowl party. We will now shame those states.

    Nebraska: Labneh

    Cornhusker State cuisine tends to skew solidly Midwestern: Think casseroles, seven-layer dips and the like. But send a Nebraskan to a Super Bowl party and things apparently take a more Middle Eastern turn with this strained yogurt dip.

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    Bagel ice cream? Valentine’s Day To Go orders, more: WTAM 5-minute food-drinks chat

    CLEVELAND, Ohio – On our 5-minute weekly chat about food and drinks, WTAM’s Bill Wills and I chat about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s latest flavor (think: breakfast), Valentine’s Day to Go offers from locally owned restaurants, the upcoming Downtown Cleveland Restaurant Week and the postponement of Art & Ale at the Akron Art Museum.

    Cleveland Independents restaurants offering Valentine’s Day To Go

    About two dozen restaurants in the Cleveland Independents consortium of locally owned eateries will be offerings some scrumptious and decadent meals over a four-day period for Valentine’s Day. Here’s a look at who is involved and some of

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    Awkward moment? Rough day? Slice of cake? A hot cup of tea will fix almost anything

    I’ve been making tea a lot lately. Maybe it’s the weather, what with the rain and chilly temperatures. Maybe it’s because I’ve been watching so many British television shows.

    a woman sitting at a table: Karina Bland with her mom, Marilyn, enjoying a cup of tea on Mother's Day.

    © Courtesy of Sawyer Bland
    Karina Bland with her mom, Marilyn, enjoying a cup of tea on Mother’s Day.

    I’ve taken to saying, “Right. You up for a cuppa?”

    Maybe it reminds me of my mom. She’s from New Zealand and drinks a lot of tea. She pops the kettle on first thing in the morning and another half dozen times throughout the day. (Maybe more often than that.)

    Start the

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