June 22, 2021

Treat yourself to a delicious, colorful rainbow crepe cake from this NYC bakery

If you’ve always wondered what it would feel like to eat a cloud, you’re in luck: Thompson Street tea store Meno is now selling six varieties of crepe cake that are just as light, fluffy and, well, delicious as we’d imagine clouds would taste like.

The offered flavors look and taste wonderful. Tea lovers will delight in the matcha crepe cake, for example, while adventurous folks might opt for the purple yam version of the treat. The most classic variety on sale is the rainbow crepe cake, but we must say that the strawberry, Oreo and rose versions also strike

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Nathan’s Famous extends its fame to 5 more countries

Photo: Provided.

Nathan’s Famous said it is not only bringing its products to five more countries globally, but also rolling out its recently unveiled virtual kitchen brand, Wings of New York, in four of those nations and Mexico City. In total, Nathan’s Famous will now extend its reach to 16 countries across the world.

The brand is debuting in Mexico City, as well as Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. Wings of New York will also get up and running in all those locations, aside from Brazil, the company said in a news release. Nathan’s Famous will take shape in

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Nathan’s Famous Opened 100 Virtual Ghost Kitchens During the Pandemic

One of the most iconic spots on the Coney Island boardwalk, Nathan’s Famous has locations all over the country, plus Canada and the United Arab Emirates. And according to Restaurant Business, the company that started as a humble hot dog stand in 1916 opened 100 new virtual kitchens since June alone. 

Host of the most famous eating contest in the world, Nathans has partnered with Reef ghost kitchens, Franklin Junction host kitchens, and individual restaurants to aid its expansion, NRN reports. Forty-five similar operations are planned for the future. 

“Our goal with these ghost kitchens is not just to

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Panda Express opens first ghost kitchen in San Francisco

Dive Brief:

  • Panda Express will open Panda Digital Kitchen, its first delivery-only location, in mid-March in San Francisco, the company said in an email to Restaurant Dive.
  • With the addition of Panda Digital Kitchen, the company said it will be able to enter new markets and create spaces where its associates can focus on food orders. Customers will be able to order from Panda Delivers or through third-party aggregators, the company said. 
  • Since the start of the pandemic, Panda Express has more than tripled its delivery business following an increase in demand from consumers, the company said. Last year, it
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Nathan’s Famous opens 100th ghost kitchen

Dive Brief:

  • Nathan’s Famous opened its 100th ghost kitchen, which offers both Nathan’s Famous menu and its virtual kitchen concept Wings of New York, on Monday, according to a press release. Both brands have agreements to open another 45 locations in the next few months.
  • The company first partnered with Franklin Junction, which connects host restaurants with digital brands, in April and has since partnered with Reef to expand across the U.S. While primarily located in the New York tri-state area, it has restaurants across the country, from Florida to Nevada. The company release says it plans to
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Nathan’s Famous Continues International Expansion in North America and Beyond