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New Lafayette Farmers Market vendor Waffle Van sells sweet treats

This article is part of an ongoing weekly Friday series about the vendors at the Lafayette Farmers Market.

Waffles have always been important to Elizabeth Williams. Even so, she never suspected that one day she’d no longer be simply a waffle fan but a waffle entrepreneur.  

“Oh God,” Williams said. “As a child, I hate to even admit it, when I was really little I lived on Eggos.”

One of the few processed foods allowed in her childhood home were the frozen disks, popped in a toaster and ready to eat in five minutes. But now, she “wouldn’t touch that anymore.”

Her waffle expectations have risen since creating her new business.

Waffle Van, one of the newest vendors at the Lafayette Farmers Market, was created out of pandemic boredom and a nack for baking.

Elizabeth and Bruce Williams explain the months of perfecting a batter, the joys of discovering a new flavor and achieving an almost decade-long goal of joining the Lafayette Famers Market community.

Menu sign at Waffle Van. Saturday, Feb. 27, 2021.

Sweet, savory and exciting

Beyond childhood, waffles continued to be a staple in Williams’ diet. In college, she made sure to schedule late classes because she and her friends would meet at The Original Pancake House in Atlanta.

“I always ordered the exact same thing – a fresh strawberry waffle, thick cut of bacon and a cup of coffee,” she said.