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Luanda serves Afro-Portuguese food on Centre St.

BROCKTON — Amelia Goncalves was born on a boat sailing through the rough tropical waters off West Africa heading towards Angola — where she learned traditional dishes that would become her legacy in a new business venture, Luanda Restaurant & Lounge in a country thousands of miles miles away.

If you’re from Brockton, you probably have driven by Luanda Restaurant & Lounge at 453 Centre St., on the East Side, across from East Middle School.

You probably saw dozens of cars parked like packed sardines on a Friday night with the echoing of Cape Verdean music in the distance. 

Or maybe you’ve heard about their famous dish “chicken natas” conceived by the manager Jaysen Goncalves, Amelia’s son. 

Co-general managers Jaysen Goncalves, and his mother Amelia Goncalves, at Luanda Restaurant & Lounge, 453 Centre Street in Brockton, on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Either way, Luanda Restaurant and Lounge is a popular Cape Verdean and Angolan restaurant in Brockton.

The restaurant has a diverse menu of food with a mixture of Afro-Portuguese influences that dance in harmony with different spices and creams. 

Some dishes include premium meats and seafood such as steak, chicken, shrimp, cod, tuna, salmon and octopus served with any of their 19 sides and house-made sauces. 

The sauces include nata, which is the most popular and is a lightly seasoned cream sauce that pairs well with seafood, poultry and a tall glass of white wine.

Steak (Bife/Bitoque) is a juicy sirloin marinated and tenderized with a choice of authentic sauces at Luanda Restaurant & Lounge in Brockton.

Verde sauce is a mixture of finely chopped onions, different colored bell peppers, virgin olive oil and seasonings, and is made fresh every day and pairs well with any protein combination. 

Mozambique sauce is a popular red creamy sauce made from the peri-peri peppers and originated when Portuguese explorers brought the hot peppers to southern Africa.

Recommended popular dishes include steak (bife/bitoque) sirloin marinated and tenderized with any choice of sauce, grilled chicken breast (peito entrada) with nata, and half a grilled chicken (meio churrasco) with verde sauce.

Whole Grilled Chicken (Churrasco Inteiro) Heartly seasoned grilled chicken topped with a "verde" sauce and accompanied by double portioned sides (Feeds 2)

The journey of the restaurant started when Goncalves was 14 years old. She learned the basics of cooking rice, beans and chicken from her mother and often prepared meals for her family back in Angola.

It wasn’t until she was married and met a new neighbor who taught her everything she knows now. Donna Ilda lived next door to Goncalves in the busy country of Angola in 1988.