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Locally Renowned Private Chef and Blogger Mila Furman of Girl and the Kitchen Launches Masterclass, ‘The Four-Step Cooking Method’

Mila Furman, private chef and creator of the locally renowned blog and boutique catering company, Girl and the Kitchen, has announced the official launch of her new masterclass, “The 4-Step Cooking Method.” As featured on Windy City Live, ABC7, WGN and Fox Chicago, and inspired by her own experiences working with hundreds of clients across the Chicagoland area, Mila created The 4-Step Cooking Method for those looking to learn the basics of home cooking, how to conquer the kitchen with ease and drastically cut down the hours spent in the kitchen each week.

Encouraging her students to combat their fears of cooking, the courses center around technique, taste, and efficiency, rather than a specific recipe. The four steps surrounding technique include: Learn, Identify, Apply and Practice. Unlike other books or classes that drill down unique recipes, this focus allows participants to then utilize these techniques and insights to cook what they want confidently and be able to repeat it with other dishes, rather than stress about steps of preparing a specific meal.

“My goal with this masterclass is to combat the common misconception that cooking is stressful or scary,” says Furman. “Too often, I hear people worried about a step of a recipe, or frustrated that they don’t have enough time to cook a healthy meal. With my masterclass, even the most time-pressed home cook can pick up some great strategies and techniques to cut the 10 hours (on average) they currently spend cooking each week down to three, allowing them to focus on the things they love most.”

The first course, a free hour-long webinar, introduces home cooks to meal preparation, healthy and delicious meals, and fast cooking for the whole family. A mother and wife, Furman centers her masterclass around meals for the entire family while incorporating her own personal tips to make the full culinary process easy and approachable for all skill levels.

For a monthly fee of $67 or yearly subscription for $670, members will receive access to her complete masterclass library, with two new courses unlocked each week. Members will also have access to live cooking opportunities and a private Facebook group with exclusive recipes and tips. The masterclass will be continuously updated with unique courses such as keto-friendly cooking, instant pot cooking, and more.

More information about the masterclass, as well as registration for the free webinar, can be found on the Girl and the Kitchen website: https://girl-and-the-kitchen.mykajabi.com/register.

Mila Furman is a private chef, recipe developer and a culinary influencer known as Girl and The Kitchen, a thriving private chef and boutique catering company in the Chicago area, specializing in servicing many homes on the North Shore. Since its launch in 2013, Mila’s mission of “Good Food. Done Right” has amassed over 2.5 million visitors to her blog, over 11k instagram followers, over 10k FaceBook followers, and has been featured in many media outlets including Fox Chicago, Windy City Live, WBBM Radio and more. Having worked in many incredible restaurant kitchens as a chef, Mila knows what it takes to make wholesome and delicious food with simple ingredients and bright flavors! She believes that anyone can make great tasting food by knowing a few of the tips of the trade. For more information, visit https://girlandthekitchen.com.