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Localities to decide on expanding vaccine to restaurant workers, others

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ALBANY — Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said local elected officials can decide whether to open up vaccinations to restaurant workers, taxi and ride sharing drivers and those within the disabled community after news from the White House indicated a planned increase in the number of vaccines provided to New York.

Cuomo announced on Tuesday during a news briefing that vaccine allotments from the federal government will increase to 20 percent, allowing for the state to increase the number of vaccines it provides to localities and expanding New York’s overall vaccination capacity.

“If a local government is now getting more and they believe in their local circumstance they want to prioritize taxi drivers, Uber drivers because they think that’s been a problem…or developmentally disabled facilities or restaurant workers, they have that flexibility,” Cuomo said.

One day ago, Cuomo had bristled at the notion of expanding vaccine eligibility for restaurant workers or taxi drivers due to a concern of vaccine supply.

The decision to open up eligibility for vaccination comes after Cuomo’s call with the White House to discuss vaccination distribution Tuesday. Federal lawmakers also plan on providing a 10 percent allotment of vaccines to pharmacies to aid in mass vaccinations, which Cuomo said further provides flexibility for wh0 can be vaccinated.