July 26, 2021

Indian Cooking Tips: Make This Restaurant-Style Kulcha Naan With These Easy Steps

Ever since the pandemic has struck us down, we are locked in our homes. Saying…

Ever since the pandemic has struck us down, we are locked in our homes. Saying goodbye to the small trips, discovering new restaurants, going to your nearest street vendor for some delicious local food, our everyday things have become a luxury that we get once in a while. But during the lockdown period, many of us also discovered our inner chefs and made our all-time favourite foods at home. So to awaken your inner chef once again, we bring you the recipe of kulcha naan that you can pair up with any sabzi or a tadke wali dal and enjoy a restaurant like quality at home!

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You can pair Kulcha Naan with anything you like

We know that kulchas are usually enjoyed with chole. But if we are experimenting and making a kulcha-style naan, why not give it a try with different varieties!

Here’s How To Make Kulcha Naan | Kulcha Naan Recipe

You would need half a cup of maida, one tablespoon of curd, coriander leaves, kalonji, a pinch of baking soda, one-fourth of salt and baking soda, half a tablespoon of sugar and oil. Except for kalonji, mix all these ingredients in a bowl and form a dough. Let it sit for two hours.

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Take one part of this dough, put some kalonji and coriander leaves from the top and roll out the kulcha. Brush it with some water and cook on tawa until it turns brown. After cooking, pour some ghee from the top and serve it with chole, any sabzi, dal and salad!

Make this recipe and let us know how you liked it!