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How to Make a Vegan “Moon Drink” at Home!

If you or someone close to you is on TikTok, then you’ve probably seen the viral Starbucks drink that “tastes like the moon.” Everyone is trying it and with such a beautiful, ethereal description, it’s not hard to understand why!

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On their own, matcha and chai lattes are delicious drinks to get for non-coffee-lovers. Mix them together and the result is bound to be out of this world! Unfortunately, many people have confirmed on TikTok that the chai syrup at Starbucks isn’t vegan because it is made with honey. However, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this delicious drink! Plenty of people have made their own vegan “moon drinks” that surely taste just as, if not more delicious than the original! We’ve also included a few of our delicious vegan matcha and chai latte recipes for some extra inspo!

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Vegan Moon Drinks:

1.  With Store-Bought Concentrate

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While it’s still not quite as easy as ordering from a coffee shop, using chai concentrate is a quick way to enjoy this drink!  Like @emwada, just whisk up some matcha and then pour it over ice along with the vegan chai concentrate, non-dairy milk, and, if you’re feeling fancy, frothed non-dairy milk or creamer! You can also use a powdered chai mix, like @bearenger!

2. With Homemade Concentrate

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A less expensive alternative to store-bought concentrate is to make your own at home. With the right blend of spices, a few tea bags, brown sugar, and water, you can have your own café-quality concentrate at home. Just follow along with @cosettecutie and then instead of making a chai latte, use the concentrate to make a vegan moon drink the same as you would with store-bought concentrate!

3. With Homemade Chai Syrup


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Making chai syrup may sound complicated, but, as shown in @cafejenn‘s video, it’s as simple as boiling a 1:1 ratio of sugar to chai tea. If you make a large amount, you could always put the syrup in coffee, drizzle it over a vegan treat, or save it for next time!

Vegan Matcha Recipes!

1. Iced Matcha Green Tea Frappé With Coconut Whip

Source: Iced Matcha Green Tea Frappé With Coconut Whip

Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or an after-dinner treat, this Iced Matcha Green Tea Frappé With Coconut Whip by Crazy Vegan Kitchen is sure to satisfy your craving for sweets. The rich and velvety green tea matcha blend provides a light caffeine boost and is a nice differentiation to the traditional coffee frappé. For this recipe, go for coconut milk as opposed to almond for optimal froth!

2. Coconut Blender Matcha

Coconut Blender Matcha

Source: Coconut Blender Matcha

Simply blend warm water in a blender, along with one date (or another sweetener of choice), canned coconut milk, and vanilla. The result? A frothy, rich, and creamy drink – No whisking and no bits of matcha included. You will love this Coconut Blender Matcha by Caroline Doucet!

3. Cafe Style Matcha Tea Latte

Matcha Tea Latte

Source: Cafe Style Matcha Tea Latte by Carlota Cassou

This Cafe Style Matcha Tea Latte by Carlota Cassou is reminiscent of its equivalent at a cafe. The trick to preparing a cafe style matcha green tea latte is to make the tea first, then add the hot milk and it’ll foam. Enjoy!

Vegan Chai Recipes!

1. Iced Vegan Chai Latte

Iced Vegan Chai Latte

Source: Iced Vegan Chai Latte

If you’ve never made your own Chai, you’re in for a treat. This easy Iced Vegan Chai Latte by Adam Merrin and Ryan Alvarez is here to transform your kitchen into an aromatic paradise. Fresh spices are crushed by hand and briefly toasted until warm and fragrant, then steeped in water blended with the plant-based milk of your choice. Simmered with a cinnamon stick, cardamom pods, cloves, peppercorns, black tea, and fresh ginger, this robust beverage can be enjoyed throughout the year, hot or cold.

2. Spiced Chai Latte

Vegan Gluten-Free Spiced Chai Latte with cinnamon stick

Source: Spiced Chai Latte

Make a big cup of warm goodness in the cold weather. With spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg, sipping on this Spiced Chai Latte by Tiana Haines is like giving yourself a big hug!

3. Rainy Day Chai

Rainy Day Chai

Source: Rainy Day Chai

This Rainy Day Chai by Claire Ragozzino is designed to make you feel good! With pungent and astringent spices, it makes for a great herbal drink on a rainy spring day.

Learn How to Cook Plant-Based Meals at Home!

Rich frothy vegan matcha drink

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