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How to make a great cake on a budget

This month, we have been invited to three different birthday parties. All were great fun and had notably delicious cakes.

One trend for the last few year’s has been elaborate beautiful cakes for every occasion. They are the centerpiece of most parties and truthfully, they are very expensive. A cake to feed 30 to 50 people can you and you easily $100 to $150 depending on the type of decorations and flavors you request.

I know that it is a lot of time involved with making these cakes, so I understand the cost. However, what should you do if you would really like a cake but cannot afford this? For myself, I have learned a few short cuts to a cute cake that saves me money. 

Add to a box

If box cake mixes are your jam, then that is where I would start. You can find many different ways to level up a basic cake. Personally, I like to add an extra egg, substitute whole milk for water and swap butter for oil. It gives your cake a more dense and rich taste. This also makes the cake more sturdy, so it’s easier to layer and ice.

Keep it neat

Decorative cake plates appear for each season of the year.

Transfer your cake to a platter or plate before you put the icing on. To keep the icing on the cake and not all over the platter, cut strips of wax paper and place under the edges of the cake on all sides. Once you are done icing the cake you you can pull the wax paper out and discard. Your edges should be neat and clean.