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Grow! Highland County Spotlight: Mimi’s Kitchen

Grow! Highland County would like to introduce Mimi’s Kitchen, owned and operated by Mark and Cindy Boyd and located at 359 West Main Street in Hillsboro.

Mimi’s Kitchen is a licensed Ohio home bakery, which was established April 13, 2019. Cindy Boyd loves to tell the story of how Mimi’s Kitchen came to be.

In 1985, Boyd’s grandmother, Bea Grimsley, gave her a springform pan. Although Boyd liked to bake, she admits that she was intimidated by that contraption and tucked it away in her kitchen cabinet. Over the years, moving to different locations, that pan went, too, still wrapped in cellophane.

However, in the late 1990s, with Grandma Bea in her 90s, Boyd decided she had better make an effort to figure out how to use that pan. She did, Grandma Bea loved the cheesecake, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Another story Boyd loves to tell is one of her son-in-law, Tommy Taberski. Tommy is a former New Yorker, and we all know New York is famous for their cheesecake. When Tommy was dating Boyd’s daughter, Jessie, Boyd knew she had to make a cheesecake for him but was somewhat nervous.  Tommy claimed the “world’s best cheesecake” was made by a man in New York by the name of Bill Holden.  After just a few bites, Tommy quickly declared Boyd’s “the world’s second-best cheesecake,” but Jessie married him anyway.

While they dated, Tommy went to Afghanistan multiple times, and each time he came home to “the world’s second-best cheesecake.” Unfortunately, Mr. Holden passed away, and Tommy now sings the praises of his mother-in-law’s cheesecake.

In the spring of 2019, coming upon 16 years as a nurse and working many hours of overtime, Boyd longed for something different. She loved being a nurse but wanted more time with her loved ones. She often prayed for the Lord to open a new door for her. However, she prayed more fervently after learning that her then 4 1/2 year old grandson, Jace, asked, “Mommy, why don’t we see Mimi anymore?” Heartbroken, Boyd begged the Lord to give her something … anything.

She had posted a picture on Facebook of a cheesecake she had baked. A local citizen asked to order one, and then she told Boyd, “You are going to sell cheesecakes, and you are going to be famous.”  To this day, they chuckle about that. It was that encouragement that really pushed Boyd, although she jokes that her friend “forced me to sell cheesecake.”

As she sought out a way to promote her business, Boyd reached out to her Facebook friends and asked for help naming her Facebook group. She was adamant that she was not offering any flavors other than the one she’d been making since the late 1990s, “Classic.” She also wanted to somehow incorporate her three grandchildren, Jace, Payslee and Cru, into the business name.

She received lots of wonderful suggestions, but nothing could prepare her for how the name would be chosen. One day, while standing at her kitchen counter, she heard “Turn around.” She slowly turned around, and instantly her eyes were drawn to a dishtowel hanging on her oven door that Jessie had given to her. It was a gray dishtowel, embroidered in aqua blue: Mimi’s Kitchen. Tears welled up in her eyes, and Boyd said she vividly recalls softly whispering, “OK, Lord. OK.” She had her name.

Mimi’s Kitchen specializes in gourmet cheesecake, with over 40 flavors offered, not including seasonal flavors. Cheesecake can be purchased the slice at several locations, which can be viewed on the accompanying graphic. Additionally, 10” cheesecakes, Party Platters (cupcake-sized cheesecakes) and Sampler Platters (six slices) can be ordered privately by messaging Boyd on Facebook or texting her at (740) 804.6272. Orders are accepted based upon availability, as the book fills up quickly.

Not only does Mimi’s Kitchen offer gourmet cheesecake, they also offer keto items, including edible keto cookie dough, currently available in two flavors. However, new products are in the works, so be sure to follow Mimi’s Kitchen’s Facebook group.

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