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FRIDAY FLAVOR: Starving Artist Cafe in Norfolk gives you culture, cuisine in one stop

One local artist is working to feed your stomach and your creativity.

NORFOLK, Va. — Kim Keene graduated from Virginia Wesleyan University with an art degree. Upon leaving the university, she knew she had to do something with that degree. Keene opened an art gallery in Norfolk. 

However, after a few months of being opened, she realized her customers wanted more. 

“Everybody that was coming for the paint classes, they wanted to eat, they wanted to have some cocktails. So, that inspired me to put the restaurant inside,” said Keene. 

The art gallery became Starving Artist Cafe. They are serving brunch and keeping the art for sale on the walls—Keene’s goal, to have a brunch spot and a gallery in one.

“I feature one local artist each month,” said Keene. “I actually sell more artwork off the wall as a cafe than I ever did as a gallery,” she added. 

Helping locals sell their pieces and allowing them to feed more than just their creativity. Keene said she also wants to fill stomachs and put the art on the plate. 

“I like our plates to be colorful, beautiful, just like when I’m painting,” she said.

The menu items are unique and add a stroke of creativity with every bite. The most ordered dish is the “womelet,” it’s an omelet created with a waffle iron. 

“We make our womelet in a waffle iron,” started Keene. “Then we sauté whatever ingredients people want in it and fold it into this waffle omelet which is the womelet,” she added.

Creating a menu that’s just as vibrant as the art on the walls is Keene’s goal.

“I am very passionate about the art and very passionate about the food,” added Keene. 

If you aren’t in the mood for brunch, there are other options. Every Tuesday you can get Tacos for dinner. 

Plus, once a month, they have a “Palette Dinner,” which is a night where the menu, the tables, and the drinks revolve around one color. You have to buy tickets in advance for Palette Dinner nights. You can call Starving Artist Cafe to reserve a ticket. 

If you want to visit Starving Artist Cafe, you can find them at 4408 Colley Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508, or give them a call at 757-305-9290.