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Dead birds, black residue, expired food. Here are Fort Worth’s restaurant violations.

Feb. 4—An overview of Fort Worth restaurant inspections from last month reveals myriad infractions ranging from improperly stored food and staff with poor hygiene, to black organic material observed on surfaces and dead animals in plain view.

At a dozen restaurants within city limits, “dead or trapped birds, insects, rodents and other pests” hadn’t been removed, according to the Star-Telegram’s database of January inspections. There were products containing toxic chemicals, not approved for use inside of restaurants, reported at nine different businesses. Roaches, alive and dead, were observed at seven restaurants. One business, My Lan Bistro at 9180 North Freeway, was reportedly using newspaper to cover washed cut lettuce.

Los Vaqueros, located at 2629 Main St., had the most violations last month at 28, according to the Star-Telegram database. Surfaces weren’t clean to sight or touch, inspectors concluded, and there was expired caramel syrup on a shelf, food in the walk-in cooler without expiration dates and rusty shelving where dishes are stored.

Taqueria El Bayo, at 1513 NW 25th St., had 27 violations including food with the wrong internal temperatures, containers of soup stored on the floor, leaks in a sink and two cans of Raid, which restaurants aren’t allowed to use.

Seventeen restaurants had zero violations, data shows.

The Star-Telegram’s restaurant database each month takes inspections from the City of Fort Worth and puts them into an online tool. Users can scroll through the inspections, from most violations to least violations or vice versa, or utilize the search bar. People can search restaurant names or key terms like “roach” or “mold.”

Restaurants that score higher than 30 are ordered to take corrective action within 48 hours.

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