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‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ Is ‘Peak’ Alton Brown: ‘It Makes Me Happy’

Many viewers enjoy watching cooking competitions. One of these TV shows is Cutthroat Kitchen, and it is full of sabotage and drama. The elimination-style competition attracted many viewers. Before Alton Brown entertained people with Quarantine Quitchen, he hosted Cutthroat Kitchen

Brown made the series interesting to fans, who recently started to re-watch some of the seasons. Several of them went on a comment thread to explain why they love viewing it. 

‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ is a cooking competition

Cutthroat Kitchen is an American cooking show that aired on the Food Network channel. It is a reality show that ran from 2013 to 2017 and had 15 seasons. The series features chefs competing against each other in multiple rounds until only one remains. 

At the start, each chef gets $25,000 to use during the auction segment of the show. Some of what contestants bid on include equipment and ingredient changes. In each round, the chefs get a dish to create and have one minute to gather the ingredients they need. Supplies are limited, so each person has to act fast. 

At the end of each round, a judge arrives to determine the quality of the dishes. The participant who makes the least appealing dish is out of the contest. The last person remaining gets to keep whatever money they have left from the auctions. 

The show contains a lot of tense moments throughout the cooking segment. Plenty of cooking shows display kitchen accidents to add excitement for the viewer. However, Cutthroat Kitchen avoids showing the chefs cutting their fingers. 

Alton Brown is a host on Food Network

Alton Brown | Mark Von Holden/Mark Von Holden/WireImage

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Brown is a celebrity chef and is one of the longest-standing stars on Food Network. He is known for several shows. Brown got his start on Good Eats in the ’90s after being dissatisfied with the quality of cooking shows on TV. The TV personality taught food lovers safety and cooking tips, and the series ended up having an influence on cooking networks. 

As cooking competitions became more popular, Brown arrived at the scene with Iron Chef in 2005. Later, he hosted another series called Cutthroat Kitchen. The celebrity chef adds fun twists to get viewers invested in the show. Brown easily became a successful Food Network star. 

Of course, Brown also is a published author. In 2016, he wrote a book titled Alton Brown: EveryDayCook. The cookbook contains numerous recipes that are great for beginner cooks. On YouTube, the TV star talks about cooking at home. Every Christmas, Brown creates a specific soup recipe. 

Fans enjoy watching ‘Cutthroat Kitchen’ again

As mentioned before, Cutthroat Kitchen is a contest that has participants getting eliminated. The format is similar to other Food Network competition shows. It has four chefs competing against each other, and there are three rounds. 

Another part of the show’s format is the sabotage. There are various ways a contestant can interfere with another person’s performance. With the limited amount of ingredients, a chef can take one and hide it from the others. Auctions contain equipment and restrictions that bidders can use to sabotage others. 

Recently, fans are re-watching Cutthroat Kitchen and flocked to Reddit to discuss their love for the show. Some users explained that they enjoy watching old episodes because the series is dramatic but in a good way. Of course, fans loved watching Brown as well. There was some disappointment that he did not want to host anymore. 

“Peak Alton Brown. His sadistic laughter when a particularly devious sabotage is revealed. Makes my day!” a Reddit user wrote.