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Cornbred’s giant cinnamon roll is Facebook famous

The world loves a big cinnamon roll — especially a giant, 2-pound cinnamon roll loaded with creamy frosting. Downtown Ames barbecue restaurant Cornbred learned that earlier this month when a post about its Sunday Funday Brunch offering went viral on Facebook.

When Cornbred posted a photo on Facebook March 14 of server Madison Eibes holding platters with two huge cinnamon rolls, slathered with icing and stuck through the middle with steak knives, they didn’t know what kind of social media hubbub they were about to create.

By March 20, the post had reached more than 1 million Facebook users, and the number of people following the Cornbred Facebook page more than doubled.

The attention is “completely unexpected, and it’s been pretty crazy,” said Ryan Newstrom, Cornbred’s owner and pitmaster.

“That first day we kept watching it, and it was up to about 400,000 by the end of the day,” he said of the post. “We had people commenting from all over, wanting to come and eat it, and asking if we shipped. (They don’t.)

“It’s great and strange to get so much national attention.”

There are thousands of comments on the post, and it’s been hard to keep up with them.