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Comic Relief fundraising ideas – socially distanced style

Red Nose Day 2021 happened on Friday, in support of Comic Relief. The event featured a cavalcade of famous faces like Daniel Craig, Catherine Tate, David Tennant and Keira Knightley being funny for money.

Cash raised by the annual televised event supports projects tackling poverty, gender-based violence, mental health stigma and homelessness, both in the UK and abroad.

Last year, Comic Relief and Children in Need’s The Big Night In raised a whopping £74,026,927. The scheme has helped 19.1 million people across the UK and around the world since 2019 alone.

Adults and children around the country raised millions of pounds in the weeks up to Red Nose Day – but the charity doesn’t turn away donations after the big night.

So why not get the family together for a fun fundraiser this weekend, with one of socially distant suggestions below? Even if you don’t make a mint, every little helps.

Charity comedy night

Get in the spirit of Comic Relief by hosting your own comedy night over a video conferencing app. Because running marathons is all very well, but getting up and cracking gags in front of friends and family takes real guts.

Take an hour to pen some rib-tickling jokes and witty one-liners (there are guides online) – or simply pinch the best ones you can find – and invite your loved ones to tune in and laugh at you one evening.

Charge them each a fee to enjoy the show and donate the proceeds to charity. And if it all feels like too much pressure, persuade one or more of them to join in the fun by joining you on the virtual stage – the more, the mirthier!

Online bake off

Maybe you prefer cake to comedy. In that case, why not invite friends and family to bake up their best and submit them to your online judging panel?

Sure, you can’t do a taste test, but you can still allocate points based on appearance, presentation and imagination and… squidginess.

Charge a fee for submissions (see the Comic Relief website for donation instructions) and print off a certificate for the winning baker to display proudly on their fridge.

Livestream challenge

A plethora of livestreaming platforms offer ample opportunity to broadcast your feats of bravery, endurance and skill to the world – including folks who might sponsor you to show off.

Invite everyone you know to a livestreamed event in which you push yourself to the limit – be it hours of exercise, a musical marathon or simply chowing down on a plate of your most-hated meal.

Collect sponsorship and send it to Comic Relief, knowing that your valiant self-sacrifice is changing lives around the world.  

Virtual dinner party

It’s sadly not possible to meet for a feast, but takeaway food deliveries are all the rage right now. So why not cook up a storm for loved ones living nearby and drop it off on their doorstep?

Get yourself a pack of takeaway containers and fill them with your signature dish – a curry, a casserole, a cannelloni, a quiche – delivered to your diners for reheating at home.

Gather them via video chat to tuck in together, and ask them each to contribute what they think the meal is worth. Bask in their compliments, then send that cash off to do some good.

Check out the website

Don’t fancy any of these ideas? Fortunately, the Comic Relief website has some last-minute fundraising ideas of its own. Check it out for brainwaves like sponsored game nights, craft projects and online karaoke battles and most importantly – how you can donate.