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Celebrity-famous turkey leg restaurant plans pop-up for Dallas

A restaurant that’s nationally famous for its turkey legs is bringing them to Dallas: Turkey Leg Hut, a mom-and-pop from Houston, will host a food truck event in Dallas where it will serve its signature turkey legs and assorted Gulf treats.

The restaurant lit up social media with an announcement of its intentions.

“Dallas we on the way pop up,” their post said. “Y’all been asking we getting ready to show up and show out … often imitated never duplicated… see y’all in 2 weeks.”

Spokesperson Sherrie Handrinos says that information on the exact timeframe and location are still to come.

“We are absolutely shooting for this to happen in March,” Handrinos says. “Once we have more information next week we will be sending that out as well of our exact location and dates.”

Turkey Leg Hut was founded by Lynn and Nakia Price, who debuted their turkey legs in a parking lot at the Houston Rodeo in 2016. They’ve since opened Turkey Leg Restaurant in Houston’s Third Ward, taking their wildly popular turkey legs to new heights, expanding their selection to more than seven varieties of fall-off-the-bone turkey legs and a full complement of homemade delicacies.

With 400,000 followers on Instagram and a nearly constant line of people waiting for tables, Lynn and Nakia Price operate what CultureMap Houston’s Eric Sandler says is arguably not just the city’s highest profile Black-owned restaurant but one of its most popular single location eateries period.

The signature turkey legs — smoked and stuffed with ingredients like dirty rice or mac and cheese — more than live up to the hype. Beyond the food, regular visits by celebrities add excitement to any visit.

While turkey legs are their mainstay, the couple has expanded the menu into Gulf specialties such as crab legs and crawfish. There are also several TLH food trucks across Houston.

Turkey Leg Hut’s trajectory has not been without incident. The restaurant has been in the center of two messy lawsuits, including one from their neighbors, now dropped, objecting to smoke blanketing the area, and another from a former partner alleging theft and fraud.

Dallas already has its own thriving turkey leg scene, including a restaurant dedicated to the dish called Turkey Leg Paradise which opened in Dallas in 2019.