June 22, 2021


Wolfgang Puck Mistook Ariana Grande for Student Dining at His Restaurant

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Chef Mark Peel, co-founder of La Brea Bakery and Campanile, dies at 66

Los Angeles (CNS)-Mark Peel, one of the most influential chefs in Los Angeles and co-founder of La Brea Bakery and Companyle, died of cancer on Sunday. He was 66 years old.

Peel started his illustrious career in 1975 under the guidance of the Mamaison Wolfgang Pack. It is famous for its most frequent patron, Orson Welles.

In 1979, the upscale dining scene in Los Angeles was still in its infancy, so Peel joined another landmark, Michaels’ opening team. Michaels is a restaurant named after Michael McCarty, which until recently was on Third Street, one block north of Wilshire Boulevard. McCarty

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Nathan’s Famous is relaunching a classic fast-food restaurant chain

(NEXSTAR) – Hungry for a bit of nostalgia?

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips, a quick-service restaurant chain that once boasted over 800 locations around the country, is being relaunched as part of a virtual restaurant concept spearheaded by Nathan’s Famous.

In bringing the brand back, Nathan’s Famous initially plans to offer the Arthur Treacher’s menu at ghost-kitchen locations, many of which will be offering items from other restaurant brands in the Nathan’s Famous “portfolio.”

Nathan’s has also “revamped” the traditional Arthur Treacher’s menu to feature “upgraded

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Mark Peel helped codify the notion of American ‘urban rustic’ cooking

If you whittle down the list of restaurants that shaped modern Los Angeles dining culture — the places where the now-stereotypes of California cooking were once fresh revelations, from which influences continue to ripple even if younger generations have no knowledge of their origins — Campanile would hover in the top five, maybe even the top three.

Mark Peel, who died Sunday, and his then-wife, Nancy Silverton, opened the restaurant in 1989 at 624 S. La Brea Ave., in an arched, ornamental Spanish Colonial Revival set piece of a structure built by Charlie Chaplin in 1929. Until they split in

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This famous dive bar in Toronto was originally a Finnish restaurant in the 1980s

Toronto is one of few places where a Finnish restaurant could transform into one of the city’s most beloved dive bars over the course of 40 years.

Bistro 422, affectionately nicknamed “The Beast,” has become known as a source for cheap shots and lethal mini pitchers with an awesomely grungy back patio, but before it developed this reputation it was opened as a restaurant serving Finnish food.

It was originally opened in 1984 by Devinder Chopra and Arja Chopra, who immigrated to Canada in the 1970s from India and Finland respectively.

bistro 422 toronto

The bistro did in fact start out as a

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Tampa Bay’s best Asian markets and restaurants according to local chefs and foodies

A-Green Oriental Market

1321 E Fletcher Ave., Tampa. 813-971-3287

With selections for even the pickiest of noodle aficionados, this Korean grocery next to Ho Ho Choy Chinese restaurant (famous for its all day dim sum, seven days a week) is a staple of the USF area scene.

Photo via A-Green Oriental Market-하나그린마트/Facebook” itemprop=”image” />


2827 16th St. N., St. Petersburg

The only K.F.C. (that’s Korean fried chicken) you want in your life. The menu—featuring bibimbap and K-tow tots topped with beef bulgogi, grilled kimchi, melted mozzarella and provolone cheeses, thinly sliced fresh scallions, crushed peanut and the St.

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