June 22, 2021


12 Foreplay Ideas You & Your Partner Can Do Throughout The Day

Sexy time doesn’t have to start once you’re both in bed together and between the sheets. Actually, the anticipation of what’s to come (ahem) can be even more exciting than the act itself. (Well, almost.) That’s why you should figure out a way to get yourself and your sweetie aroused before the main event. If you want to be intimate during the evening, these foreplay ideas you and your partner can do throughout the day can make for a magical night.

Because, let’s face it, getting in the mood can start long before clothes even come off. And that’s because

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guitar straps made from salvaged life-jackets; Spanish food and Scandi style

Musicians and music fans will love the collaboration between U2’s The Edge and Love Welcomes — a social enterprise that empowers refugee women by providing them with employment in sewing. 

The enterprise, established in 2017 in response to the refugee crisis in Greece, sees women utilise life vests and blankets reclaimed from the sea to make products the proceeds of which go toward supports such as language lessons, IT training and transport costs. 

The Edge has collaborated with Love Welcomes on a range of unique guitar straps which are hand-sewn incorporating a strip of a life jacket salvaged from the

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New ideas by David Puttnam, Dermot Desmond, Catherine Motherway and more

Now that we know we can do things differently when we have to, we asked leading experts and specialists across a range of sectors for changes that will improve how we live in a post-pandemic world. Here’s what they said:

Catherine Motherway.


Catherine Motherway – Intensive Care physician
Healthcare is a finite precious resource that we need to use wisely and be prepared. The experience of the last 18 months can help us shape a better service.

Public health: Following public health guidance is key to disease prevention during Covid. We need to continue with disease prevention in our

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Food Secrets and Recipes by Grandmothers Around the World

Interestingly, it is to grandmother’s old recipes and local ingredients that most people turned to during the pandemic induced confinement to ensure healthy eating as well as for ideas to make daily cooking interesting. Here are some fascinating places you may look up for interesting grandmothers’ recipes.


It is easy to miss Pushparani Sarkar, an 80-something frail woman, wearing her cotton sari in the traditional Bengali style, outside her home. But not many know that this woman with a ubiquitous presence is a YouTube sensation. The heart and soul of Villfood channel, which has 1.58M subscribers (and the

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Local experiences, gift ideas for a memorable Father’s Day

HARLINGEN, Texas (KVEO) – Father’s Day is this Sunday, June, 20. If you are still thinking about how to celebrate the fathers in your life, here are some locally sourced activities and gift ideas to make it a memorable year.

As we have all noticed, these past few days have been some of the hottest days of the year so far. Sunday’s weather is expected to look no different with a high of 96 degrees.

If you’re hoping to spend some time with your dad and stay away from the heat, here are a few places you can

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Celebrate Dad with Easy Grill-at-Home Menu from eMeals & Barilla

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If you’re stressing over cooking a special dinner for Father’s Day, stress no more!  Meal inspiration leader eMeals and America’s largest producer of pasta Barilla have teamed up to create a Father’s Day Cook Out menu for eight that’s a giant step up from everyday fare (Pesto Marinated Chicken Breasts, anyone?) but requires less than an hour of cooking time on the big day. That means you can spend less time in the kitchen and more hanging out with Dad and the rest of the family.

Just for Dad: As the menu’s

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