June 22, 2021


Indian Cooking Tips: Make This Restaurant-Style Kulcha Naan With These Easy Steps

Ever since the pandemic has struck us down, we are locked in our homes. Saying goodbye to the small trips, discovering new restaurants, going to your nearest street vendor for some delicious local food, our everyday things have become a luxury that we get once in a while. But during the lockdown period, many of us also discovered our inner chefs and made our all-time favourite foods at home. So to awaken your inner chef once again, we bring you the recipe of kulcha naan that you can pair up with any sabzi or a tadke wali dal and enjoy

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Bubbakoo’s Burritos Plans New Jersey Store in Spotswood

Bubbakoo’s Burritos has been expanding throughout the U.S., spreading their brand to new platforms, and introducing their Mexican-fusion style cuisine to new places.

The popular chain was founded in 2008 by industry veterans Bill Hart and Paul Altero. Both Hart and Altero had worked together previously and decided to combine their ideas to build a united dream. Their shared vision focused on the complete customization of entrees with fresh ingredients and a strong concentration on customer service. Bubbakoo’s Burritos has innovated a menu where customers can pick and choose what they want and create something different every time they visit.

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Recipes for a 30-minute Indian feast

There are a lot of misconceptions around Indian food: that it’s a “cheat” meal from your local takeaway, or can only be made at home if you spend hours slaving over a hot stove.

These kind of stereotypes make Chetna Makan’s eyes roll. “People think it will take hours or sometimes days where you soak and you ferment – which is all true, but it’s not how we cook every day,” she says with exasperation.

Although it’s seven years since Makan appeared on The Great British Bake Off, she’s still roundly referred to as a Bake Off favourite

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Sheila Sim shares simple and healthy recipes she cooks for baby Layla, Lifestyle News

Turns out Sheila Sim isn’t only an actress and a model, she’s also a bit of a baby food expert. The celebrity mum has been actively posting healthy baby food recipes that she prepares for her baby Layla who is almost one year old. 

On her Instagram account, you will find story highlights with all of the meals she rustles up for her daughter.

But that didn’t stop her followers from wanting more and in true Sheila Sim style, the celeb mum obliged with recipes and ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   

Healthy baby food recipes for a one-year-old,

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Crisp or crumbly, scones offer versatility, variety

Among the many things that make life worth living, I would count “afternoon tea,” that break in the afternoon between lunch and supper when you come in from mucking out stalls and tossing hay bales for a quick cuppa and a sweet treat. That’s where I first encountered scones — British style — while working at a stable in Devon in my teens. 

Round like a biscuit but crisp outside and soft and crumbly inside, split in half and topped with butter or homemade cream and strawberry jam, they gave you the strength to finish those evening chores. Just as

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Top 10 Places for Soul Food at Disney World

It’s June, and while many people are forgoing heavy, stick-to-your-ribs foods in favor of light, fresh meals with as little cooking as possible, others are doubling down on comfort-filled favorites oozing with butter, lard, and spices. Why, you might ask? Because it’s National Soul Food Month! 

We love food. Give us any excuse to down delicious eats and we are there. So, this is one random “holiday” we are more than happy to celebrate. If you’re traveling to Disney World during National Soul Food Month (or any time of year) and you’d like to raise a fork to this tasty

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