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A TikToker’s recipe for easy crème brûlée uses 3 ingredients you probably have in your kitchen

Antony Khoury spoke about the viral food TikTok with Insider.Antony Khoury/TikTok

  • Antony Khoury made a crème brûlée recipe that went viral on TikTok.

  • The video has gained more than 14 million views and 3.8 million likes in under one month.

  • The recipe includes vanilla ice cream, one egg yolk, and sugar.

According to Antony Khoury, his three-ingredient crème brûlée recipe is “love at first bite.”

On January 23, the Montreal-based content creator showed off the tasty treat in a viral TikTok video with 14.8 million views and 3.8 million likes at the time of publication. Khoury, 24, told Insider

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How to Cook and Eat Artichokes—and 4 Artichoke Recipes to Make ASAP

Minimal arrangement of one artichoke standing alone. Beautiful three shaded of green background.

Ivana Cecez/Getty Images

Artichokes are beautiful vegetables, and are even more delicious to enjoy when they are steamed, grilled, braised, or fried. But let’s be honest, most of us walk right past them in the grocery store because they seem so intimidating to cook. While preparing artichokes may be a labor of love, cooking them is fairly simple, and once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to effortlessly whip them up whenever you get an artichoke craving.

Rest assured—if cooking artichokes isn’t for

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This dish shows off the bold flavor of rapini – Orange County Register

Rapini’s bold, no-snooze flavor profile boasts a pleasing bitterness that can be tamed with creamy pasta, or grains augmented with caramelized onions and garlic. With stalks more slender than found on broccoli, rapini is topped with spiky, jagged-edged leaves and bundles of compact buds.

This recipe uses a tasty brown rice blend. There are several brands in the marketplace, such as Lundberg’s blend of long grain brown rice, Wehani rice and Black Japonica rice. When cooked, the blend mixes have a lovely earthiness that teams well with rapini.

If you like, substitute plain long-grain brown rice. Brown rice generally triples

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We tried recreating Gordon Ramsay’s famous ‘vegan steak’ at home — and it was not easy

This Gordon Ramsay vegan steak recipe seems like the ultimate meat replacement.

The viral recipe — which uses eggplants and a ton of fancy cooking tricks to create a juicy, savory, deep-seared “steak” — ignited millions of taste buds when Ramsay shared the dish on his mega-popular TikTok page.

The video brought Michelin-starred skills to the world of vegan food hacks. It’s no wonder the clip drew nearly 25 million views — plus countless praiseworthy comments.

“YOU’RE SUCH A LEGEND,” one user wrote.

“This man can make even vegan food look amazing,” another wrote.

“Woah!!!” another

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Goat cheese is the perfect topping for spinach salad – Daily Breeze

It’s no secret. I love goat cheese. At the tender age of 20, I went to France for the first time. I’d never tasted the snow-white cheese before and quickly became an enthusiastic chevre fan. Tangy and soft, sometimes with a pleasant hint of chalkiness, it tempted me to smuggle some home. It would be years before those tasty logs of cheese appeared in the American marketplace.

It is delicious crumbled atop green salads, especially when warm bacon dressing and Port-soaked dried cherries (or dried cranberries) are included in the mix. For years, warm 1/2-inch goat cheese slices were my

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5 vegan soul meals recipes

A vegan food plan is a lot greater than salad and tofu. Many vegans take pleasure in soul meals dishes simply as a lot as their meat-eating counterparts, so it’s no shock that TikTok cooks are placing a vegan spin on traditional soul meals recipes. From vegan barbecue mac ‘n’ cheese to vegan peach cobbler, listed below are 5 vegan soul meals recipes which are past scrumptious!

1. Vegan and gluten-free black-eyed peas and marinated collard greens salad

“Loaded” is the operative phrase in relation to this salad. Start by combining freshly cooked black-eyed peas with balsamic French dressing

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