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Cake heads into the bush with special edition Kalk AP electric moto

Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake has launched the Kalk AP, a special edition developed to help rangers protect wildlife in the African bush. The motos are also supplied with Goal Zero solar kits to keep the battery topped up in the wild.

Recently, anti-poaching rangers have reportedly had some success using dirt bikes for patrolling the African bush. But these bikes run on gas, and can be heard approaching from miles away – allowing poachers to pack up and leave before the rangers arrive. Plus the fuel needed to run these machines often needs to be hauled to where it’s needed by truck or flown in by helicopter, adding to operational costs.

Created in partnership with the Southern African Wildlife College and Goal Zero, the Kalk AP offers a much stealthier option, and when coupled with a Yeti and Nomad solar panel and charging station kit for the bike’s removable battery pack, the rangers in the field have the potential to undertake missions without having to depend on the electric power grid.

The AP features much the same specs as existing Kalk models, sporting an 11-kW motor and 50-Ah/2.6-kWh Li-ion battery combination for a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph), 280 Nm (206 lb.ft) of torque at the wheel and per-charge riding for up to three hours, depending on how it’s used.

The Kalk AP electric motorcycle will be shipped to the Southern African Wildlife College with solar panels and a charging station from Goal Zero


Three ride modes and three braking modes are offered, the motor on this model has been sealed to prevent water or dust from interfering with the mission, and a high front fender should help deal with obstacles and mud. Cake’s 18-inch rims are wrapped in 3.5-inch Continental TKC90 off-road tires, and the front and rear suspension has been specifically developed for this model to keep maintenance low without impacting performance.

The AP’s software has been tweaked to help the e-motos better cope with the higher temperatures they’ll encounter in the bush, with riding characteristics also modified to better suit the needs of the rangers, who may appreciate powerful torque at low speeds more than being able to ride at full tilt.

Elsewhere, all of the plastic components on the AP are made using recycled, fiber-reinforced Trifilon, a 2,100-lumen clamp-on headlight should light up the bush for after-dark anti-poaching missions and Cake Connect offers navigation, comms and location identification, as well as helping rangers to keep their rides in tip-top condition while away from base.

The Kalk AP series is being limited to a run of 50 bikes, which will be available as a combo bundle for €25,400. That means the buyer will get one bike and an identical model will be shipped to the Southern African Wildlife College near the Kruger National Park in South Africa, along with Goal Zero’s solar power kit. Shipping is estimated to start in September. The video below has more.

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