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Black Abbey Announces Innovative New Meat-Based Beer

Innovation in the beer biz has certainly accelerated over the past few years, with breweries scrambling to come up with new styles to differentiate themselves from the pack. Hazy IPAs, peanut butter stouts, pastry beers — they’re all new types of beer to tickle your palate, but they wouldn’t necessarily pass muster under the strict German Reinheitsgebot purity regulations.

Never ones to let anyone tell them what to do, and never afraid of a good joke, the wacky brewmasters at Black Abbey Brewing Co. have announced that they’re taking this trend over the cliff with their latest creation, Meatloaf IPA. We’ll just let Black Abbey co-founder Carl Meier tell the story from here:

This limited release beer, only available on draft at Black Abbey Brewing Company, is brewed using tradition barley, hops, yeast and water but also uses locally-sourced beef. 

“Black Abbey Brewing is known for brewing traditional styles and doing them well.” Stated brewery co founder Carl Meier. “The Rose, our Belgian-style blonde ale is a classic take on a traditional European  style. This does not mean that we aren’t innovative, however.” 

Black Abbey’s new release, called Meatloaf IPA, is brewed using Waygu beef, raised in Hartsville  Tennessee. “Combining beef, onion, ketchup and even a little mashed potato into the mash and the  glass really got our brewers excited.” Meier continued. “Brewday was a little messier than usual, but the  finished product is something completely unique and different.” 

“Craft beer can be very trend-focused. We have seen breweries here in town and around the country  brew with hop haze, fruit, cereal, pastries, peanut butter, even pumpkin! We thought ‘gosh, we’re  creative. We’re fun. We have good ideas, why not give brewing with meat a try?!” Meier continued. 

Meatloaf IPA will be available only at Black Abbey Brewing Company’s taproom, called Fellowship Hall,  only on Thursday April 1, starting at 2pm and only on draft. No cans or bottles will be available at this  time. This is a very limited release beer, so be prompt. It will be gone quickly. 

“Meatloaf IPA is a new and innovative style.” Meier opined. “We are really pushing the envelope with  this one. It’s brewed with malt, hops and meat and just like Meatloaf sang in 1977; ‘Two out of three  ain’t bad!”

Yeah, you might want to check your calendar for that release date before you hop on down to their Fellowship Hall taproom to sample this abomination. Better yet, watch their official announcement video to be entertained without actually thinking of consuming anything like this!