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Barbecue area ideas: 5 inspiring backyard transformations

There’s more to creating a barbecue area than simply buying the best barbecue you can afford and firing it up. While the primary function of a barbecue or outdoor kitchen is to cook delicious food, creating a comfortable and inviting space to eat that food in the company of friends and family is equally important.

Whether you’re looking to create an outdoor entertaining zone from scratch, or make an existing area look and feel more polished, these five barbecue area makeovers featured on Better Homes & Gardens will fill you with inspiration and ideas.

1. Palm Springs style barbecue area

Can you believe that this Palm Springs-inspired oasis was once nothing more than an empty, paved courtyard? A white pergola, constructed from timber and breeze-blocks introduced a mid-century vibe to the space, which now contains an outdoor kitchen, a merbau timber bar and an alfresco dining zone – all bordered by a hardy garden filled with succulents and cacti

Brent Wilson

2. Compact backyard barbecue zone

Before Charlie and Johanna stepped in to makeover this back deck and yard, the space was noisy, lacking privacy and full of weeds. No wonder the owners avoided spending time out there! Adding wide steps, a new lawn, hedging plants and some stylish accessories has made all the difference to this outdoor barbecue area.

WATCH: Charlie and Johanna give a back garden and deck a complete makeover

3. Cafe-style back deck makeover

Despite having a large back deck, the owners of this home were unsure about where to start their outdoor entertaining zone transformation. Graham Ross transformed it into a leafy, cafe-style setting by adding seating, flowering plants, a hanging egg chair, a barbecue, extra bench space and cascading hanging plants

Stainless steel barbecue on a timber deck

Sue Ferris

4. Outdoor living room with a barbecue zone

Johanna, Adam and Charlie teamed up to turn an unused courtyard into an inviting outdoor living room and barbecue area. They constructed a new pergola to shade and protect the outdoor living space from the elements, while an old barbecue shelter was given a facelift with new timber screening and a fresh coat of white paint. 

Barbecue underneath a shelter with timber screens

Sue Ferris

5. Leafy outdoor dining area

Every good barbecue area needs a good outdoor dining table. A clever patio makeover turned this once underutilised space into an important extension of the home. A mix of small, medium and large potted plants complete the look of the patio by giving it a breezy, holiday feel.

Back deck with leafy outdoor dining area

Chris Jones