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A TikTok-Famous Electric Potato Peeler Is on Sale at Amazon

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It comes with two replacement blades, a thumb knife, and a power cord (it can also operate with batteries). To use it, all you have to do is place your fruit or vegetable on the bottom holder, pull down the upper holder onto the top of the produce, and press the red button. The machine will then rotate your fruit or vegetable in continuous circles and peel off the skin in one neat motion.

With over 1,000 five-star ratings, the electric peeler is clearly popular among Amazon shoppers as well. “I’ve used it numerous times with both apples and potatoes, and it is amazing,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s very simple to use. It has reduced my prep time significantly with foods such as mashed potatoes and apple pies. This product has saved so much ‘wear and tear’ on my body.”

A second shopper added, “My folks suffer from severe arthritis and peeling potatoes has become more difficult for them, and my mom refuses to let it interfere with her cooking. They use this thing quite a lot for potatoes and vegetables, and they are thinking about getting another one.”

Many other customers shared that in addition to saving them time and hand pain, the electric peeler is super satisfying to watch in action. As one reviewer wrote, it “makes peeling fun.” Who knew such a sentiment was even possible?