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A Lust for Food, Fashion and Life, Purveyed by Sourabh Sharma

In my experience, creatives make life more interesting; more vibrant and vivacious. Sourabh Sharma, who is an entrepreneurial creative director, ace digital marketer, fashion designer, fiction writer and globe-trotting food critic, is one of those people to his core. As a multi-faceted creator he fills the world with sensory beauty, which—thanks to a colorful upbringing, saturated with culture, art, and extensive voyages around the world from childhood till present—led Sourabh to develop an affinity for culinary and visual arts. With that came the life of a food critic and connoisseur, a foray into fashion, and a generally undeniable zeal for life itself.

Sourabh moves through the world with a joie de vivre, expressed not only in his luscious vocabulary and liquid poetry, but his whole essence. From personal style to business ideas, he overflows with originality in both appearance and approach. His philosophy acts as a guiding compass and leads him to find inspiration everywhere. “Be it human behavior and people’s daily interactions, the raindrops on a windowpane, the way the sun sets differently each day, the scent of a person and how it jolts a memory,” Sourabh dreamily notes. Such observations and the ability to sink into a moment and be present is a major factor in his success. His main gift and power is rooted in “being in sync with the pulse of people in an ever changing world—it’s what makes me comprehensive as a marketer, intuitive as a person, and passionate as a human,” Sourabh explains, urging others to always be keen observers of daily life.

This keen eye and impeccable taste is partly why Sourabh is a crucial member of the founding team of Print All Over Me, a leading on-demand print fashion and custom clothing brand. What began as regular attendance at fashion weeks around the world, turned into cultivating his takes on the industry and trends within it. Never being one to shy away from giving his perspective, Sourabh believes that everything should be unisex, adding that “gender constructs in terms of apparel are highly passé and I feel the lines have always been blurry.” As someone who has designed unisex clothing and previously worked withVogue, Kaltblut, L’Officiel and F*cking Young, we had to ask what trends he wants to see have a revival. The answer was equally extravagant: “Shoulder pads, long tailcoats, bouffants, mullets, bubblegum pink lipstick, long lace gloves, unisex corsets…the list is really endless,” says Sourabh. Perhaps this is why his venture into the world of fragrance was the next logical sensory element to take on, and transform into a delectable conquest that we eagerly await.

Sourabh’s culinary imagination has, like his other senses, always been on fire. Whether he is capturing a decadent delicacy and evaluating its multidimensional flavors on his platform 3FS Lifestyle, or sharing it to his #foodporn dedicated Instagram page, his quest for unusual flavor combinations and food-art steers him clear of fads and sceney meals. Instead, he opts for food that is rooted in historic meal traditions, and scientifically accurate gastronomy. Think earthy Indian breads made in mustard lined clay pots, or an emulsion of absinthe with liquid chocolate, served in liquid nitrogen. “Gluttony is not a sin, it’s a talent!” he exclaims.

Whether he is dropping provocative wisdom via liquid poetry, or gallivanting across continents in kaleidoscopic garments, it’s Sourabh’s sui generismentality that contributes to his certain je ne sais quoi that leaves a mark everywhere, and on everyone he encounters. Follow along onInstagram to get a glimpse into his prismatic world. “Attitudes are contagious, so make yours worth catching,” he pens off.