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7 #HomeCafe Coffee Recipes On TikTok That Will Make You Feel Like A Barista

If you remember the dalgona coffee trend that took over TikTok last year, you know the social media app is no stranger to Insta-worthy drinks. Now, after a year of making home brews, people are showing off their most impressive #HomeCafe coffee recipes on TikTok. They’re so cool looking, they’ll make you want to try them out for yourself.

Even if all you know how to make is a plain drip coffee, these recipes are so easy to follow that a newbie barista like you can tackle them. They’ll also give you that coffee shop feeling at home if you’re currently missing your fave cafe. By making fancy latte drinks at home that you would normally splurge on, you can even save a few bucks. So, it is delicious, gives you a cozy cafe feeling, and totally budget-friendly.

Now that you’re convinced to try them out yourself, the real question is, which of these seven TikTok coffee recipes do you want to try first? Go with a refreshing strawberry cheesecake latte or trendy shaken latte. If you want to, you can even record yourself in your own TikTok video. Just remember to use #HomeCafe in your caption, because it’s trending and will hopefully inspire someone else to get their home brew on.

1. Potted Plant Boba


If you really want to go for style points, try making this potted plant boba drink. With Oreo cookie crumbles and a mint leaf on top of your foam, it gives this drink the look of an adorable potted plant. This recipe from TikToker @feedmeimei actually uses milk tea, but if you want to substitute that with coffee, that’s what TikToker @cafesubi uses instead.

2. Waffle Coffee

The ultimate breakfast — waffles and coffee — has now been combined in this delicious waffle coffee drink. You’ll definitely want to try this recipe from TikToker @coffeebae97 first thing in the morning. The full recipe is available on Instagram, but this drink combines almond milk, maple syrup, cacao powder, Chaga mushrooms, and a double shot of espresso. Add a waffle slice on top to really give it that Insta-worthy finish.

3. Caffè Shakerato

Starbucks is currently promoting its new iced shaken espresso drinks. If you’d like to make a version of your own, there’s this caffè shakerato drink from TikToker @cupofjoy_. Just add your choice of coffee or espresso into a shaker with sugar and ice, and pour over some ice cubes. This is a great first drink to try if you’re a brand new home barista.

4. Strawberry Cheesecake Latte


By making speciality ice cubes, you can instantly upgrade your drink. This strawberry cheesecake latte from TikToker @usagikxo not only has strawberry ice cubes, but they’re heart-shaped and have colorful sprinkles inside. This drink also blends together espresso, milk, and a pink strawberry cheese foam on top to give you that strawberry cheesecake flavor.

5. Blueberry Matcha Latte

For a super vibrant drink, try this blueberry matcha latte from TikToker @mlecoffee. It’s all about the layers with this drink. It has the blueberry at the bottom, the milk at the center, and the green matcha on top. It’s gorgeous as is, but if you want to get extra fancy, make heart-shaped matcha ice cubes like TikToker @jess.sung. You could even swap out the matcha for your fave coffee blend if you prefer that.

6. Big Iced Coffee

If you’re looking for something super simple, this iced coffee recipe from TikToker @purplessom is the one for you. When it’s all assembled, it’s just a basic iced coffee with milk, but it’s got a giant coffee ice cube in it that makes it Insta-worthy. You can find a giant ice cube tray ($5) at Target to make your own iced coffee cubes.

7. Strawberry Sunday Latte

This drink from TikToker @faelgoodfashion was made specifically for Sundays. It’s a refreshing strawberry latte that is perfect for those chilling at home days. But if you do need that extra boost of caffeine, you can add a shot of espresso on top.