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5 Virtual Restaurants That Recently Opened

photo by Amy Whidby, AMH Creative Director

Virtual restaurants (also sometimes called “ghost kitchens”) are becoming popular and we now have several in our area. Virtual restaurants are delivery-only (a few allow pick-up) with kitchens in a pre-existing restaurant or eatery. Meaning, there is no physical space for patrons to eat, they must order and have the food delivered.

Here is a list of ghost kitchens recently opened:

Burger Dandy

photo by Amy Whidby, AMH Creative Director

1Dandy Burger

Created by A. Marshall Hospitality, Burger Dandy was launched Wednesday as a virtual restaurant based out of the company’s Americana Taphouse on Main Street in Franklin, Tenn. The menu features a variety of classic, nostalgic items including cheeseburgers.

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MrBeast Burger

photo from MrBeast Burger website

2MrBeast Burger

YouTuber MrBeast (aka Jimmy Donaldson) has opened a delivery-only burger joint in Franklin.

The famous YouTuber announced the opening of 300 “MrBeast Burger” restaurants across the country. MrBeast is a delivery-only restaurant, sharing kitchens with local Buca di Buppa restaurants, like the Franklin location at 1722 Galleria Boulevard.

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3Guy’s Fieri’s Flavortown

photo from Flavortown.

Guy Fieri brings his Flavortown concept to Williamson County via a “ghost kitchen” concept. Flavortown is a delivery-only restaurant with a kitchen located at 1722 Galleria Boulevard. The menu offers starters of jalapeno poppers, burgers, entrees. Read more here.

Nashi Noodles

photo from Nashi Noodles Facebook

5Nashi Noodles

Ramen lovers in Nashville can now order “Southern comfort ramen” with the launch of NASHi Noodles, a new virtual restaurant operating out of the kitchen of Deacon’s New South. Developed by Deacon’s Executive Chef Chris Calder, NASHi Noodles offers a pared down menu that pays homage to traditional Japanese fare with a distinctly Southern twist.

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