July 26, 2021

Year: 2021

Cake is linked to slavery because it contains sugar?

An English council is considering cancelling a regional delicacy called parkin cake due to its supposed links to slavery. But this isn’t about colonialism – it’s an attack on people who are proud of their local traditions.

Yorkshire parkin cake is delicious. The sweet and sticky mix of treacle, oats and ginger is a firm favourite right across the north of England. To many, it is synonymous with autumn and Bonfire Night celebrations, but it is also a school dinner staple enjoyed by countless children every day.

Sadly, in this age of woke, no one – not the youngest child

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Grand Lux Cafe is helping us honor the mighty mango with this recipe

The Grand Lux Cafe really knows how to deliver when it comes to amazing dishes and drinks. And in honor of National Mango Day (which is July 22), they are helping us celebrate the mighty mango in style – with a Mango Mule!

While not everyone lives near a Grand Lux Cafe (the sadness is real), that isn’t a problem if you want to celebrate National Mango Day at home. Thanks to the crafty bartenders at the restaurant, we have a recipe for their Mango Mule that will let us enjoy this epic fruit in style, whenever we want it.

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Most refreshing summery drinks | The Independent

The Euros, Wimbledon, Tour de France, Olympics – summer is thirsty work for sporting spectators!

So, how to stay cool? Whether you’re clinking your favourite Champagne, or after stylish refreshment ideas to accompany those grown-up games in the garden, check out these colourful spirits and aperitifs.

1. Taylor’s Chip Dry & Tonic RTD


New on the RTD (ready-to-drink) circuit, this unseeded winner will make you “sip up and take notice”. The first P&T (port and tonic) in a can, you’ll love the refreshingly, dry fruitiness of one of Portugal’s finest exports.

5.5% abv, £2.50 per 25cl can, Ellis

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Pearly Gates keeps feeding southwest Georgians heavenly food

By Tom Seegmueller

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    ALBANY (Albany Herald) — For six decades, Albanians have been crowding the parking lot at 814 North Slappey Blvd. to order something to eat. While there have been many changes over the past five decades, one thing remains the same. Pearly Gates has been there with a smile.

The long-time restauranteur came to Albany in the 1950s to work at the Post office after serving in the Air Force. In 1962, some wealthy neighbors who recognized his passion for cooking asked him if he wanted to open a

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Recipe: Osso buco | Stuff.co.nz

Cook it long enough and osso buco – shin meat on the bone – is a failsafe addition to your winter recipe repertoire.

Sam Mannering/Stuff

Cook it long enough and osso buco – shin meat on the bone – is a failsafe addition to your winter recipe repertoire.

I always find myself stuck in the rather stupid conundrum of dreaming about summer recipes in the middle of winter, and winter ones in the middle of summer.

Always want what I can’t have. In February I was full of ideas for midwinter. Now, nothing.

A friend suggested osso buco, which I shut down as a ridiculous idea. Obviously, after six years on the job, I would have covered such a venerable classic, at length.

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Famous Mike’s in Macon creates ‘giving board’ for homeless, needy

Famous Mike’s namesake, Mike Seekins, says it’s important for people to help each other

MACON, Ga. — What if you could do a little good for someone in need without leaving your table? One downtown Macon restaurant is allowing you to do that with a ‘giving board.’

Mike Seekins, the owner of Famous Mike’s on Poplar Street, says customers can now buy a meal to be put on the board at the front of the restaurant. Here’s how it works…

“Anyone, not just homeless, but anyone in need can come in and choose off the board whatever they want to

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