June 22, 2021

Hunger for more food and drink options at the Esplanade

20012015 News Photo: Murray Wilson/ Fairfax NZ.
"What is This" Series.
Esplanade Cafe.

Murray Wilson/ Fairfax NZ/Stuff

20012015 News Photo: Murray Wilson/ Fairfax NZ. ”What is This” Series. Esplanade Cafe.

Palmerston North residents are full of ideas about the food and drink options they would like to see available at the Victoria Esplanade.

The city council is asking for feedback on its review of the hospitality arrangements at the park, and has prompted plenty of chatter on social media.

At the moment, the Esplanade Cafe is the only place where food and drinks can be sold, other than at council-approved events, and there are restrictions on its opening hours.

Council parks and reserves manager Kathy

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2021 Best Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Deals

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual sale for Amazon Prime members, is here. This year, the two-day event kicks off today, June 21, and wraps up on the 22nd. And for those who have been in the market for the kinds of household goods Amazon reliably stocks — e.g. blenders, air fryers, and utilitarian cookware — now’s the time to consider what might be worth adding to cart.

To help in that endeavor, we’ve rounded up the best kitchen deals from the go-to brands in their categories. Expert Prime Day shoppers will know about lightning deals, which only last for a

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Strip Malls Should Take Tips from Lacey Mall; Grand Openings Rock

It was so nice to see the excitement with the Grand Opening of a store in Lacey Mall this past weekend in Lacey Township. Even with the empty stores, there maybe one or two compared to some strip malls in Ocean County.

I love seeing the community rally when businesses open. It was fun being there this weekend doing my weekend shopping at TJ Maxx.

With so many stores empty in Ocean County, in strip malls, or not it’s just so sad. I can’t remember when I’ve been in a strip mall and there are no empty stores. I know

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Indian Cooking Tips: Make This Restaurant-Style Kulcha Naan With These Easy Steps

Ever since the pandemic has struck us down, we are locked in our homes. Saying goodbye to the small trips, discovering new restaurants, going to your nearest street vendor for some delicious local food, our everyday things have become a luxury that we get once in a while. But during the lockdown period, many of us also discovered our inner chefs and made our all-time favourite foods at home. So to awaken your inner chef once again, we bring you the recipe of kulcha naan that you can pair up with any sabzi or a tadke wali dal and enjoy

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Wolfgang Puck Mistook Ariana Grande for Student Dining at His Restaurant

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In the Kitchen: New England Spider Cake

Hope & Main brings us Elizabeth Fradin from Beth Bakes, making a New England Spider Cake. The spider refers to the cast iron pan that the cake is baked in. This recipe is easy to make, converts easily to gluten free and is delicious with strawberries and all the beautiful summer berries and fruit that is coming into season!

Elizabeth is best known for her delicious line of savory crackers, but more dessert options are starting to surface as her exclusively gluten-free brand continues to grow. 

  • 2 cups buttermilk
  • 1 cup Beth Bakes’ gluten free flour blend (recipe
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